Chapter 13: 15 Day Grace Period

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Post Posted: Fri Jan 22, 2010 11:12 am    Post subject: Chapter 13: 15 Day Grace Period

I have filed a Chapter 13 and I am wondering if the 15 day grace period still applies on my reg mortgage payment not the payment to the trustee? For example: I make my payment to the trustee NLT 1st of every month, in addition to that my regualar mortgage payment is also I still have that 15 day grace period to make that payment or it doesnt apply any more since I have filed a Chapter 13? PLZ HELP
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The lender will give you a repayment plan when you file Chapter 13. However, I don't think you would be liable for the regular mortgage payments that you used to make. But in case of the repayment plan, you may not get the grace period. If you want to get a grace period, you will have to speak to your lender and negotiate for it.
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