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What are the major aspects of recognizing a suitable foreclosed home

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

In our last post we have talked about how to point out the foreclosed homes which will be not suitable for you. Today we will discuss about choosing a good foreclosed home by analyzing its characteristics.


Now you really know how to judge a bad foreclosure property. But there are some unique characteristics which separates best foreclosed homes from others. It is human nature that we want clean, convenient and safer environment for living. So, people won’t hesitate to put all the hard work for searching best properties in good neighborhoods.

If you can find a good property in a great location, don’t hesitate to go for the deal. You just have to check whether the property have below given qualities or not:

1. The home located in a classy neighborhood – Check the neighborhood. If it is well-established and populated by good, well-mannered people, then just go for it. You and your family will be safe in this kind of places where criminal activity is much lower than the other parts of the city. You must search for the old or semi-old homes which are still owner occupied. Make sure they are neat and clean as well as well-maintained.

2. Clean neighborhood – Don’t go over the age of the neighborhood. It doesn’t matter as long as it is well-maintained and clean. If you don’t notice trash scattered in the roads, or un-mowed lawns or unkempt bushes/trees, this is the perfect neighborhood for a healthy living.

3. Well aged neighborhood – It is ok that the neighborhood is clean, tidy and healthy. But it also required to be well aged through good maintenance. If you can see big, tall trees surrounding the neighborhood, it will give you the feel of gracefully built houses, people and their relation. You can also look for vacant houses and their details. If you found the number very low and most of the neighbors are living there since a long time, it can be surely assumed that this neighborhood is perfect for living with your family.

4. Continuous improvements – Look for the improvements which the existing homeowners made in their homes. If you found that the neighbors are continuously upgrading themselves and also their homes, like adding extensive landscaping or decks or sun rooms, this is the perfect place for you.

5. Availability of services – It would be wonderful if all available facilities are near your neighborhood. If you can avail school, hospital, market and other facilities just few walks away from your home, nothing is more amazing like that.

6. No need for major repairs – If you visit a foreclosed home which needs major repairing work, try to avoid that home as soon as possible. The amount which you’ll receive as a discount while buying that home will definitely go to pay off the repairing cost. So, why would you buy such house that will exhaust your saving? So, if you found a decent home where you’ll have little repairing cost, go for it.

7. Strong structural foundation – Whenever you decide to visit the home, always go there at daylight for the first time. Check and verify the structure of the house, make sure it is well build from the base. Strong base and structure will ensure the long life of the house as well as your safety.

To be a wise home buyer, you’ll have to bear some legwork and do some research work as well. Investing your money in a foreclosed home is a big deal. Try to work things out slowly, don’t make any sudden decisions. Check every aspect I have informed you earlier and also in this post. Get a cheap deal and make your dreams come true.

How to recognize the foreclosed homes which is not suitable for buying

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

New home buyers in recent days are getting much interest in buying foreclosed homes. It is mainly for the huge discount offered by the banks who has the possession. But buying a home is a big investment. For this reason you must verify the foreclosed home before making a purchase.


Types of foreclosed homes:

You’ll find many properties which might be declared as “foreclosures”. Mainly there are two types

1) A “pre-foreclosure” – A home which is still owned by its owner and not foreclosed yet but might be falling into it.

2) A “foreclosure” – Properties which are listed for buying and occupied by the creditor or the lender. The selling amount will be used for repaying the loan.

You can buy a pre-foreclosure home from a homeowner directly. On the other hand, foreclosures can be purchased through auction hosted by the banks or creditors. The properties will be categorized as bank-owned properties or real-estate owned homes.

Here are some dead ends which may point out that a particular foreclosed property is not suitable for you :

a. Lack of owner pride – Closely visit the area. If you notice that most of the fences, gates and other permanent structures need enough maintenance, lawns are kept un-mowed, trees and foliage are messy, you must walk away from the area.

b. Criminal activity – You must enquire about the facts on possible criminal activities in the surrounding areas and neighborhood. You can avoid such properties and neighborhoods with signs of graffiti and vandalism. These are the main indications of local gangs or thugs. So its better to stay out of their area, and find another safe place.

c. Abandoned properties – You must avoid such properties which has most of it’s surrounding houses damaged or boarded up as closed. This is not a good sign. There must be some reason for which the buildings are vacant of that area. So, you should avoid that particular house also.

d. Dirty or damaged roads – Generally, not a single person in this planet would recommend a house which have dirty or damaged streets nearby. Roads full of trash, stinky oil patches leaked all over the road disturbs a normal buyers mentality. Streets covered with broken glass, mud, dirt and other stains doesn’t look beautiful. The properties will lose their appeal and you might not want them to be your dream home.

e. Distance from facilities – You must consider the distance from available services and facilities. Essential services includes schools, colleges, hospitals, railway station, airport, grocery stores, banks, pharmacies and other facilities nearby. Just think, is it helpful if you have to walk an hour just to buy veggies, or have to travel miles for reaching school? Look for the local shops. Try to avoid them if you find out they are not so updated and providing old/expired commodities.

f. Easy roads – It will be harder to reach different places easily and quickly if the neighborhood roads are not easy enough. If the neighborhood doesn’t have the short and easy ways to connect with the highways, it will be very difficult for your transportation. Existing roads must well maintained, properly indicated and free from heavy traffic.

g. Not too close to highway – Being too close to the major roads or highway may be hard for you also. Practically, you wouldn’t let your children all day looking from the windows to watch a busy highway right outside their room. The continuous sight and sound coming from nearest highway might be unhealthy for you and your family. There must be some sort of obstacle like a wall, a hedge, trees or fence which should block the view and noise. If it isn’t, it is a home to reject immediately.

h. Industrial sites – Having factories and industrial buildings in your town is ok. But you doesn’t want a fully functional factory in your backyard. So, Make sure there shouldn’t be any industrial buildings near your residence. The noise, smoke, wastage materials and fumes came from the factories can spread pollution and can be very harmful for the whole neighborhood.

So, these are the indications which can help you to separate yourself from bad foreclosed homes. In my next post, we will discuss about how to recognize the qualities of a suitable foreclosed home. Till then read previously posted contents.

7 Useful decisions that can transform a house into your special home

Thursday, April 9th, 2015

After buying your house, what should you do first? Is it décor work or plumbing work? What is that thing which make worth your time and the money? You need to understand that you have just bought a house, now it is your turn to establish it as your home. We all knew that buying a house is a long-term investment. So, you must also act like a wise homeowner and make your house a long-term benefit for you and your family.


So, wake up and put your efforts and time to make a superior home for your family. These important decisions will help you to create a homely environment without stretching your time.

1) Set up your kitchen first – At the end of the day, you all need to take some food. After a hard working day, having good food is like a dream come true. So, make a list of your to-do décor work and put the kitchen work at the top. Set up your kitchen with different shades and colors. It’s not mandatory that kitchen need to be dull as you are not living there. Practically, most of the family members who stays at home, spent 87% of their time at kitchen.

2) Plant as many trees as you can – Maintaining a yard in front of your house is a good idea. The greenery will sooth your eye more than anything else. You can also plant trees in front of your yard. Big leafy trees will give your house a real natural environment. It will also reduce your cooling cost in summer as trees will provide a shady, cool atmosphere. Apart from that, if you plant enough trees in your yard or around your house in different places, you can increase your house’s market value by 7% to 15%.

3) Initiate a monthly check up for maintenance – It means you’ll have to make a system so that you’ll have the data of your house’s maintenance works. No matter how small it is, it shouldn’t skip your eyes. Maintaining proper logs with date and expenses will be need to compare your previous repairing cost with your recently made repair costs. Trust me, it’ll help to save your wallet a bit.

4) Find and use hidden places – Every house has some unique places which normally remains hidden from our eyes. It happens because we do not use these places often. So, you need to find those hidden places and clean them properly. After completing the setup, you must use those places according to your needs. For an example – clean up your attic and use it like a playhouse for your children, or you can use it for storing old but good personal stuff. Similarly, how about setting up your basement area for laundry work? Think about it.

5) Check water supply and sewage system – Two important aspects of a clean house are proper continuous supply of fresh water and a smooth clear sewage system. So, make sure your water supply and sewage system remains perfect all the time. Check manually if there is any blockage or malfunction of pumps.

6) Put an extra trash can while partying – You can arrange an extra trash can for your house. Normally we all use 2 cans in our kitchen. But you can also put another one as an extra while there is party in your house. The more the party flows, the more garbage will gather.

7) Install a home-security device – You don’t want that an outsider will damage your property or harm your family just for some money, don’t you? So, just to be in a safer side, install a home-security device. It will help you to protect your family and your house from unwanted guests like thieves and burglars. There are other several measures you might need to think about. Plan your living so that you may call the house as “My home”.

How to promote your lending business through the best mortgage marketing strategy of 2015

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

Why do you need a marketing strategy?

If you are a mortgage professional and an owner of a mortgage company, you’ll definitely want to expand your business. You might also want to serve your services to the potential buyers and borrowers and want to help them to get their dream home. But for this purpose, you might need to promote your company into the modern web world.

You’ll have to implement some fresh mortgage marketing ideas for 2015. The main resource which modern buyers use to locate the best mortgage company, is the internet. We can say more specifically – the search engine results. So, ranking in search engine results (SERP) will be an effective way to attract more buyers. Nowadays, blogging is the best way to generate your own potential leads.


1. Marketing strategy for the internet

Potential U.S. consumers are making on an average 175,000 to 2,00,000 searches with different mortgage oriented keywords. Some of them are short, some of them are long phrases but with a specific query. Now to get connected with these huge online visitors, you must also need to create such things which can relate with their mortgage-query.

To engage with the new generation of web-savvy potential clients, publishing high quality mortgage-related content in your website or blog may be the most efficient way to connect with the numerous homebuyers and loan shoppers. Your published content will match with their queries and attract them towards your website. If they find what they have asked for, your job is done!! You’ll get a clean way of having more revenue generating leads.

For example, a published content regarding reducing home prices and available loans in your city will attract new home buyers who are browsing web for this topic. Similarly there are thousands of queries through which you can communicate with prospective borrowers.

2. A Mortgage Marketing Strategy suitable for any scale

Promotion through content is useful for companies with different scale of services. First you have to list up the commonly searched phrases and topics related with your service. After that create several unique content (it may be graphical or textual) on those topics and post them regularly. The wide range of informative topics will pick your posts to the higher rank of the search results. You need to keep posting on regular basis, it will help you to increase your reach and visibility to your visitors. It will also increase traffic to your blog or website. The content can be local news or about falling interest rates. This marketing plan can work even for regional and national level. It is because the more you get your reach to the vast range of visitors, the more your content will get popularity. User-friendly blogging platforms like WordPress can be customized as per your requirement. Whether you have a small company or a big international company, blogging and sharing your content will be the most beneficial mortgage marketing idea in 2015.

3. Don’t bother about third-party leads

Most of the mortgage companies depends upon leads generated by third party companies. But actually leads provided by the third parties are not exclusive enough to meet the expectation. The reason is, third-parties are keen to provide the same leads to different companies. That’s why the competition always goes higher to pick up the revenue.

But with unique content, you are doing user search oriented marketing which will lead you to generate your own, exclusive channel of leads. You can influence your visitors to connect with you directly. This may totally separate you from being dependent on third-party leads. It may save your cost of third party vendors and increase your profit margin.

4. Maintain regularity and uniqueness while creating web contents

It is very simple to create a content, but it is difficult to create a unique one. You can’t allow to put copied and waste articles for promoting your brand. It will not work at all, as major search engines such as Google, bing, Yahoo and more has some strict criteria about their search results. Any crap content will be trashed like a garbage and your website may get banned from the SERP.

So, as a proper marketing strategy, you should first focus on searching the main keywords related to your industry. From thousands of search terms and topics, you need to pick up the few which suits your company and create relevant, informative article for your blog. It’s the most crucial part of a blog-based marketing strategy.

By putting various topics in the blog, related to mortgage industry, you will be actually making the path for your visitors to reach you. You will be generating revenue by balancing user search terms and your informative online content.

If you’re cunning enough to increase your revenue as a mortgage professional, you can’t avoid the importance of blogging and content marketing. It is the modern-day weapon to win the competitive battle between other mortgage companies.

How to decorate your home with budget-friendly furnitures

Thursday, February 19th, 2015

Searching for the most appropriate furnitures for your house is a very enjoyable job. But sometimes it becomes a difficult task for you (the homeowner) to get good stuff at a cheap price. In this situation, if you can spend some of your idle time along with patience and creativity, you can surely grab great furnitures at the best price. You might be moving into a new home, or just upgrading your old furnitures. Whatever the reason is…below given ways can save your wallet as well as can furnish your place beautifully.


Please go through the tips of decorating the home in a budget :

1) Make a wish-list of the furniture you need – If possible try to furnish the total house at once. Bulk purchase can get you a big discount. But if you decide to purchase the furnitures one by one, try to make a wish list first. It is for sure that new furnitures will cost you way more than old or used ones. So, if you can adjust with good conditioned used furnitures, you don’t have to roam around in shops. For example, your bedroom and bathroom will require different kind of furnitures. You’ll choose the most important piece rather than the pricy and luxurious ones.

2) Best deal online – Try to search via web, you’ll find lots of options and offers online without spending a single dollar. Online retailers nowadays have best offers and huge collection of used goods. Among them Amazon, ebay, Overstock and shopify are quite popular. There are many social network groups & pages where you can find and communicate with sellers and grab good deals. Apart from online shopping, you can check newspaper and radio classifieds to find good offers. Craigslist is the most well known classified online. Other websites notably, are quite popular.

3) Look for the price & sales – There is a chance of getting trendy stylish furnitures at a low cost. Most of the retail shops declares great “end of sale” offers which has huge discounts. Furniture companies normally launches new products around the month of February and August. They believe, January and July are the two crucial months when the clearance sale can be successful. Look for the whole set of old furnitures, it will be on a bigger discount than a single piece. You will see that new models are much costlier than the last seasons hit piece of design. This applies for both the whole set & single pieces.

4) Use multi function furniture – There are some unique furnitures which can be used in many purposes. These are called multi-functional furnitures. For an example – A couch-cum-bed can be placed as a living room couch. But if you require, it can be used as bed also. If you buy these kind of products, you are not only buying unique trendy home décor but also saving your money. The furniture serves the purpose of two while taking the cost of one product.

5) Contemporary style products – Do not hesitate to buy stylish products even if you are shopping in a budget. Do not pretend that your products are second hand. Contemporary furniture costs much lower than traditional products.

6) Do it yourself – Give your old furniture a personal touch. Decorate with different colors & accessories to give a new trendy look. Recycle your household wastage goods and make them useful for designing your sofa, couch, table etc.

Hope above given tips will be helpful for you. As last minute tips try to maintain these things :

  • Try to grab good products from garage sales, local flea markets, consignment stores & thrift stores.
  • Always try to pick & move your furniture all by yourself, if you want to save pick up money.
  • Always pick up the good quality, do not compromise it for the sake of quantity.

How to keep the home safe from thieves in 2015

Thursday, February 12th, 2015

From year 2011 to 2013, statistics showed nearly 2860 burglaries committed in the US out of every 100,000 citizens. However, in 2014 property crimes were decreased with 14% drop in burglary. But there is no such guaranty that the rate won’t rise up. So, it is time for you to get prepared all by yourself. If you can follow some safety guidelines as a homeowner, you can reduce the possibilities of your home being victimized by a group of burglars.


1. Use fake security signs: The most effective way to prevent your home is to install a home security system. But it is not at all cheap. Sometimes it took a major part of your paycheck to bear this cost. People with low income can not afford this hi-tech system. So, there is a way to manage this situation. As an affordable alternative, you may just put a big sign at the front of your yard. How would a sign will prevent theft? Actually you’ll put the home security sign so that the people will imagine as your place is under surveillance by a home security system. But technically, you are not obtaining the service. The burglars will actually think that your place is strongly secured by a surveillance system, which keeps your house off target from the thieves.

2. Keep your garage closed: The most common entry point for burglars is the open garage doors. The passersby people can easily have a glance on your interior & belongings. This only triggers the chances of theft. So, as a homeowner you must recheck that all the time the garage door remains closed.about:newtab

3. Communicate with neighbors: Your neighbors can help you a lot while preventing burglary. Spent time with your neighbors & get familiar with them. It was proved that a homeowner who have good terms with his surrounding peoples…practically with neighbors, have always a better protection & helping hands while needed. They will help you at any point of time, whether in any occasion or at the time crisis. Even they call the cops if any suspicious guy sneaking at your door steps. So don’t be afraid, communicate with your neighbors freely.

4. Separate valuables from the bedroom: It is a common habit of any people that we always keep our priceless & valuable things at our bedroom. It is not a good thing. If you are attacked by a thief while sleeping at night, you will definitely not have a chance to save any of your property. It will be easier for the thief to rob your cash & jewelry totally. It is statistically proved that burglars target the master bedroom initially. So, try to keep your valuable things in private vaults or distribute things & store them separately, not in any single room.

5. Block escape routes: If your home has enough hiding spaces like small rooms, basement etc & easy ways to escape through the yards, it will be one of the preferred targets of burglars. If you maintain a big garden area where bushes and trees creates a fair cover for any people, a thief can easily make his way through while hiding. So, try to keep a clean yard, prefer small trees or open spaces so that the your home won’t look an easy prey to the thieves.

6. Use hi-tech gadgets: Homeowners must install hi-tech home security devices like motion sensors, hidden cameras, motion sensor alarms etc. Use automatic outdoor lights which will glow if someone touch the sensors.

7. Keep your presence all day: The burglars will target your home mostly in day time, when you will be busy in office & nobody is watching over your place. So, you need to create an ambience as if the house is not empty, someone is still awake there. The most easy way to perform this is to keep on your sound system always or Leave the radio tuned on all day long. Any outsider would think that someone is at home listening music. But do not make it very loud unless it would hurt your neighbors.

8. Police inventory: Ask the neighborhood patrolling police to visit your home & to check required safety measures. The 911 guys will help you whether it’s day or night.

Foreclosure prevention quick guide – protect yourself in 2015

Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

As a common US individual, we all have welcomed the year 2015 in a very pleasant manner. We have cherished the moment of it’s arrival, made new commitments & resolutions which we will maintain throughout the year. But are you one of the most distressed people who are still suffering from the foreclosure problem? Have a look at the ideas given below…you’ll surely have some comfort.


Face your home loan problems without hesitation

If you have any financial obligation & can not able to make monthly mortgage payments, the first thing you should do is to communicate with your lender. Sometimes on behalf of the lender some company agrees to collect your payments, you can directly inform them also. Lenders prefer to know the situation earlier, so if you reach to them late, there is a big chance for rejection. If this happens, contact him through phone which must be mentioned in monthly statements or payment book.
Talk to your lender & explain briefly about your bad financial situation. If the lender does not entertain your request , better you should forward your query to FHA (Federal housing counseling) agency.

Prepare yourself before the face-off with your housing counselor or the lender

Collect your original loan document & review it yourself properly. Collect data regarding your monthly income & allocated budget per month. Sort out your expenses,which may include food cost, monthly payments on car or other, insurance premiums, utility bills like phone/water/gas etc. If you feel uncomfortable to explain your problem to the lender, you may assign a credit counseling agency. They will surely provide a helpful hand to you after reviewing your current financial situation & select the right choice of action for you. The agency will also help you to contact your lender & or they will negotiate with him on behalf of you.

Recognize the path

By maintaining US federal property laws, you’ll find two basic options. One will be permanent & the other is short-term help. You should try out to prepare a plan so that you can arrange funds to pay the missed amount. The longterm solution would be modifying the loan term. you may ask your lender to shift your current interest rate to another rate. Sometimes, both the above plan wouldn’t work as planned. In that case, the best option you can have is to sell your home.

Hold your ground

Be very alert & try to make monthly payments on time, it will keep your credit score safe from being hurt. Pay the most necessary debts on a priority basis. This will include utility bills, auto loans, new home loan payment, credit card bills etc. You must think of saving money to pay off the monthly payments, so stop regular shopping or outdoor eating. Start frugal living to save every extra penny towards your home installments. Stop yourself from taking huge debts at this time, like – new car purchase or going for a expensive trip.

Do not surrender to the foreclosure scams

It is very easy for a con artist to trap those homeowners who are currently facing foreclosure & can not pay their monthly payments. The scammers portray themselves as a rescuer from foreclosure & manipulate finances as well as emotions of the homeowners. Disguised as a “counsellor” they will suggest you the wrong approach to the lender & you will end up loosing a huge amount along with your dream home. So, be very careful & always consult your lender or a legitimate lawyer or counselor before taking any action. To know more about those scam artists, you can check Federal Trade Commission’s website.

What should be your new year’s resolutions as a first time home-buyer

Wednesday, December 31st, 2014

The year 2014 has come to an end, It is time for a new beginning. It is the Time for welcoming new ideas which we can be implemented in 2015. As a potential home-buyer, what are your plans? Do you want to make important changes within yourself before buying a home? What should you do to experience a hassle-free home-buying experience? Let us begin with some New Year Resolutions which might be very much helpful for the new home buyers.


1. Credit Score boost up – Your credit score is the most important deciding factor while applying for a mortgage. So, At first oder your credit reports & check it carefully. If you find out any errors, communicate with the credit union for rectification asap. The next thing is to list up your old debts & pay them off.

Apart from that, it is good to avoid big pricey commodities. These includes assets such as building, furnitures or cars. These big purchases will generate larger debt & had a bad impact on your credit.

2. Save for down-payment – Very simple…most of the lenders will ask you to put 20% of your mortgage loan as down-payment. If you can’t put it, you’ll have to take the burden of PMI (Private mortgage insurance). Those who want to avoid this extra expense, try to start reducing optional expenses from the beginning of the year to save more. For example, reducing $50 from laundry bill will save your $600 a year.

3. Select a professional agent – It’ll take time to select a suitable real estate agent for you. But you can’t ignore the importance of a great agent. A professional agent can avail you the perfect home at it’s best price. But there’s mush possibility that you’ll encounter with a unreliable agent who will totally spoil the milk.So, you must choose a buyer’s agent who can provide sufficient proof of his expertise. Few recent testimonials from his previous clients can ensure his professionalism & sincereness towards the deal. Be sure to verify those references to be sure about they are genuine.

4. Get pre-approval – You will be totally ready when you come to know some major details about getting a mortgage loan. First you’ll need to research on the differences between conventional and unconventional loans. After comparing the terms & conditions, you can choose the right mortgage loan option. In addition of that, you must also need to know your payment capacity i.e.. how much you can afford to pay as monthly payments apart from your other costs.

5. Searching for a suitable home – Potential home buyers must do enough research before opting for a home. Don’t wait until you’re getting pre – approved. You can start from getting details in your neighborhood. Online real estate websites would be another popular method to find a huge number of homes as per your choice. The property must be chosen as according to facilities & traveling options.

Once you’re ready to shop for your dream home, you’ll get various new options & a better perspective to select homes according to your need. Try to follow those above given points as a new year resolution. If you are really thinking seriously to obtain a good home within your budget, prepare yourself & your finances.

Be a star – Decorate your interior like Christmas movie homes

Thursday, December 25th, 2014

We all love to watch holiday oriented movies, specially Christmas themed ones. There are dozens of great Christmas movies which we have seen several times in our entire life. Great art designers & set designers have spent numerous hours to create a perfect Christmas scene in every movie. Those decorations are so unique & astonishing that till date we would like to live those moments. Let us cherish those movies & decorations which can be adapted in this Christmas.


1. Let’s start counting with my personal favorite – “Home Alone”. The McCallister family fly to Paris for celebrating Christmas holidays after accidentally leaving small Kevin alone in the home. Through their eyes we can see a new Christmas in a new palette. In their hotel room, we can see a tree with turquoise ornaments attached in snow white branches. That was a brilliant but unexpected contrast to the American Christmas eve. Kevin also decorated a traditional pine at the home. These two separate style of Christmas tree was a refreshing change, and we can adopt these styles too.

2. The 2nd one might be – “A Christmas Story”. One of the most classic movies based on 40’s environment. The Story is set in around nine year old Ralphie, desperately seeking the “Red Ryder Gun”. But that is not our interest. The actual spectacular thing is the home decor, which was very simple. The Christmas pine was decorated haphazardly and the old untidy furnishings got a basic appeal. And it helps the audience to recall the lost days of childhood when nothing was more exciting than waiting for your wish list come true.

3. Now we can talk about – “The Santa Clause”. How we can forget the ever charming Tim allen (as Scott Calvin) finishes St. Nick’s trip and deliveries as a substitute Santa. The most remembered moment was when Tim Allen flying on a sleigh through the neighborhood above the lights-covered pine trees. The light-covered forest was so eye-catchy, we can surely try this out in our garden.

4. Next on line is – “Elf”. The main character Buddy might be little more enthusiastic while decorating Gimbels’ “North Pole” covered with special paper snowflakes. But as a matter of fact, we, the audience really loved it. People truly admire the concept of dangling paper snowflakes from the top. It would be fun to create these cutouts & stick them with the ceiling, it would surely render a nice snowy fairyland ambiance.

5. This is also one of my favorite, but an animated movie called – “Arthur Christmas”. It is sure that decoration an animated movies is quite easy rather than a real life motion picture. But still, you can’t avoid the concept of decorating your room like Arthur’s, son of Santa clause. The decoration of Arthur’s room was spectacular, & so as the grand Santa’s picture, the table covered with card garland, Christmas mug, colorful stars, miniature pine tree covered with all decorations, little snowman Jack frost – all off them. The room symbolizes the heart of a young lad who really care about the spirit of Christmas.

There are many other movies where you can find different other Christmas room decoration inspirations. Among them It’s A Wonderful Life, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Love Actually, Jingle all the way, Alvin and the chipmunks, A Christmas Carol, White Christmas are quite popular. These movies not only portrayed the spirit of Christmas, but also demonstrated a fine class art work through their interior decorations. So, let your eyes rolling..& see what ideas would enlighten your home this Christmas eve…. Merry Christmas :)

Predictions for the housing market in 2015

Monday, December 15th, 2014

Year 2014 is coming to an end and we have already started to chalk out our new year plans. 2014 have witnessed many ups & downs in economical, political & social sectors. Some incidents have good outcome, some were worse. The housing market of U.S was also affected from it. But at the threshold of 2015, can we expect for a brighter image for the housing market?

There are some expert economists who have made the following projections for 2015:

1.Mortgage interest rates: Mortgage interest rates will be high in 2015. Currently, the 30-year FRM is going below 4%. But according to Freddie Mac, mortgage rates will go to 4.6% at the end of 2014 & at the beginning of 2015 it might be up to 5%. Most of the economists assumed that mortgage rates would rise in this year due to good economical improvement & the Federal bond-buying program. But it did not happened. Economists are have a prediction that in 2015 domestic economy will improve.

2.The increasing wave of Millennials will boost demand: Since last decade a major portion of the U.S population is consists of baby boomers. But astonishingly last year it is seen that millennials, who are aged between 24 to 22, has started families & looking to purchase their dream home. According to experts, these guys will cover up 2 out of three people in the population in next 5 years. 2015 will be the milestone of millennial generation in U.S housing market.

3.Property prices: At the end of 2014, it is expected that home appreciation will be reduced to 4.5% which was 9.3% in previous year.In 2015 the home appreciation may drop more 3%.

4.Home construction: Home construction will rise up in this 2015, assumed by economists that it will increase by 20% next year. Total home/property sale will be boost up by 5%-6% which might be the best sales figure in last eight years.

5.Mortgage originations: Single-family home mortgage originations may be reduced by 8% , it is a major drop of refinancing volume. In 2015, there will be nearly 23% origination which is half than 2014. Mortgage originations in multi-family homes will be raised by 60% from 2011 to 2014.

6. Young generation will demand housing in less affordable places:  Home construction for Single-family is subdued. The reason behind this situation will be increasing demand of the Millennial generation who prefers to stay & live in housing which is much expensive and also hard to construct.Specially, young people tend to live in huge expensive cities like New York, Austin, and Honolulu where standard of living is quite high.

7.Home price will fall, but so as affordability:  In 2014, The housing recovery has slowed down than last year. Home prices has a rise in oct 2014 by 6.4%. But last year it was 10.6%. It is because the reaction of bursting the housing bubble has its immense affect on the housing market. Most of the homeowner will be looking to sell their house in 2015. It will put more pressure on the home prices, making it downwards. Due to the factors like “Millennial mismatch” and continuous growing mortgage rates , the middle class people will not be able to afford the house in 2015.

These are some initial prediction from different experts of this industry. Soon , we will know how much of these are going to be true and what effect it will get upon housing industry.

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