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Low Credit Score Mortgage Lender
Hello Homeowner, My name is Michael Rocco and I'm a Mortgage Consultant. I have Years of Mortgage Experience and I am Currenlty Consultanting for a Company with Special Government Approval. I Really Look Forward to Your Call and to Helping you with your Mortgage. REFINANCE WITH BAD CREDIT REFINANCE WITH LOW CREDIT SCORES REFINANCE WITH 500 CREDIT SCORES We are FNMA Approved so we have Mortgage Programs for High Credit Scores as well. GOVERNMENT MORTGAGE HELP Many Homeowners Need Help with The Mortgage 1) Adjustable Rate Mortgages are Rising 2) Low Credit Scores 3) Bad Credit 4) Little Money Down 5) Falling Home Values THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT MY COMPANY CAN HELP YOU Can you Refinance with Low Credit Scores? YES, Refinance with 500 Credit Scores Can you receive Cash Out when you Refinance? YES, you can receive Cash Out for any reason Can you be Approved for a Refinance with Little Equity? YES, you can be approved up to 97.75% of what your Home is Worth What is the Interest Rate? Currently Interest Rates are the Lowest they have Ever Been Unlike Other Lenders, when you refinance with us we NEVER charge a Pre-payment Penalty My Company is GNMA Approved which allows us to Approve Homeowners with Very Low Credit Scores. Currently ALL other Lenders in The Country Require a 620 Minimum credit Score. Since We are GNMA Approved - WE REQUIRE ONLY A 500 CREDIT SCORE. REASONS TO REFINANCE: 1) Lower your Interest Rate 2) Payoff High Interest Debt like Credit Cards 3) Get Cash at closing 4) Convert Your Adjustable Rate into a FIXED 5) Lower your Mortgage Payment 6) Pay Off your Mortgage in Less Years This Mortgage Program also has a Streamline feature – Which allows you to refinance in the future at no cost (after 6 months of on time payments) So when interest rates fall you can take advantage of lowering your interest rate even further This Mortgage program is also Assumable – Which allows you to sell your Home and have the New Buyer take over your low and fixed interest rate WHY DO BUSINESS WITH US? 1) Zero Complaints with The Better Business Bureau and The Banking Department 2) Licensed in 47 States 3) We are a Direct Mortgage Lender NOT a Broker 4) We have been a Direct Mortgage Lender for OVER 25 Years 5) We are FHA, FNMA, VA, and GNMA Approved 6) We Service your Mortgage Loan. We do not sell it off 7) We provide the best Customer Service in the Mortgage business "I Very Much Look Forward to Helping You and Your Family's Mortgage Needs" MICHAEL ROCCO Mortgage Consultant Direct Lender Equal Housing Lender Licensed in 47 States Phone - (631) 767-5211 Fax - (206) 202-2510 E-mail - michael.rocco@hotmail.com

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