There is a first time home buyers loan which is known as a FHA loan

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There is a first time home buyers loan which is known as a FHA loan. For people who are buying a home for the first time this is the best loan. The down payment is only 3.5%. And a very big plus is that a person can have a credit statement which shows a ratio of very high debt against their income and it will not affect their eligibility. In addition to the low down payment the monthly payments for insurance on these loans are also lower since the FHA will charge a buyer a percentage on a monthly basis.
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Some mortgage brokers just have better sources than others so which loan is better?
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Hi markomaznik,

It will depend upon your situation. You should consult a mortgage broker and he will check your financial situation and let you know which type of mortgage will be best suited for you.


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These points are surely to be recommended and shared with everyone so that could have a check to solution to them. Also all the loans company must be prepared with such queries as every situation is bound to occur at one or the other time.
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