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Contesting a quit claim deed

Contesting a quit claim deed

Hi There!
I have a question regarding a quit claim deed.
My grandparents added my father to the title of their home 7 yrs ago. Last year, my grandparents signed a quit claim deed to both my mother and me. Now, my fathers 2 brothers and upset and want to contest it in court. My grandparents didn't want to sign anything over to my uncles for many reasons, but mainly because they both have tax liens. Can they contest the quit claim deed in court?
Thank you in advance for any advice or help you might have.

islestud69's picture

2 Answers

They may contest the quitclaim deed in the court but your grandparents can always give their reasons as to why they didn't give the property to your uncles. Once they give the reasons, I don't think the court will have any problems with the deed.

jameshogg | Asked on 2012-09-02

Yes, its the property of your grandparents and its their discretion to decide an heir to their assets.

adamsarthur87 | Asked on 2012-09-03

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