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1099C and State of Indiana

1099C and State of Indiana

Hello my name is Penny and i did a short sale on my primary home in Florida on 06/11/11 i am a traveling nurse and now reside in Indiana i recieved a 1099c from my bank for the forgiven debt which i fall under for my federal taxes but do i have to claim this on my indiana taxes, i cannot find any information anywhere and im freaking out PLEASE HELP

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2 Answers

As far as I know, you will have to file 1099c in your Indiana taxes. You can contact an Indiana based tax adviser and he will be able to assist you further in this regard.

adonis | Asked on 2012-01-22

You owe the difference of what the short sale was and your original loan balance unless you have a letter forgiving that. That would be in the state that the property is in.

lois2354 | Asked on 2013-01-04

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