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where i can get a mortgage with 545 credit score

where i can get a mortgage with 545 credit score

i have a 545 credit score, my situation is not that bad im only owe 600 hundred dollars in 6 diferents accounts but i pay everything in cash and my score is low i do have an steady income working at the same plce for the past 13 years and my last year income was 69000 i need to buy a house im first time buyer need help

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2 Answers

With such low scores, you won't be able to qualify for any kind of mortgage. You will have to take steps to improve your scores and then look out for a mortgage.

jameshogg | Asked on 2013-07-07

With a score of 600, you can at least try getting an FHA backed loan. Have you tried taking any steps?

ashleyspeaks86 | Asked on 2013-07-09

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