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Transferring a name on deed without spouses consent

Transferring a name on deed without spouses consent

My husband purchased our house while we were dating on and off in the first two yrs. After 15 yrs together we married and moved in. His name remained on the deed and mine never put on. Now after 10 yrs. we decided to divorce. However, I found out that he changed the deed into his sister and brother-in-laws name as the owners without my knowledge through a lawyer friend of theirs to try and protect himself. Yet, I have been the one paying the mortgage since we moved in, I paid for all the work in the house to be done. Any up keep I paid for and he hasn't worked in almost 6 yrs. Can he do this? Is it legal? Am I and my children out of a home now? Please help.

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1 Answers

Collect as many evidences of whatever payments you've made for the house and consult a lawyer to sue your husband and those involved for treachery and fraud.

Caron | Asked on 2016-03-08 03:18:10

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