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Check from Home Insurance Company

Posted on: 04th Jun, 2013 04:19 pm
I received a check in the mail from my old home owners insurance company that I cancelled before it was to renew on May 22nd of this year. I then purchased home owners insurance from a different company, which had not be paid yet. I was told by the mortgage company after giving the new company info to them, that I could pay for my home owners insurance with the new company out of this check sent to me. But what was left needed to go back to my escrow account if there was any left over. So do I have to put the remainder of the check I received back into escrow, as the check I received I am sure is from my escrow account, because the mortgage company normally pays my insurance out of my escrow account.
Hi jkoch,

As far as I can understand, yes, you will have to put the rest of the amount in your escrow account.

Posted on: 04th Jun, 2013 07:37 pm
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