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After Bankruptcy Applying for Loan

Posted on: 09th May, 2009 07:34 am
Last 2 years i had declaired Bankruptcy now I need to loan.
So i am eligible to apply for loan ?
if yes then please let me know what is procedure & which bank will give me loan with low interest ?

Thanks in advance....!!
You can apply for a FHA loan, 2 years after Bankruptcy.
Posted on: 09th May, 2009 02:41 pm
Hi dilipgagare!

Welcome to forums!

Getting a loan will depend upon the type of bankruptcy you filed. Which chapter of bankruptcy did you file - Chapter 7 or 13?

Posted on: 10th May, 2009 10:09 pm
If you have a recent bankruptcy on your credit and are looking to get financing for a home,
other two factors needed to get a mortgage loan, which are; income verification and a down payment. After bankruptcy most lenders want you to wait at least 2 years from the time of the bankruptcy discharge before they will consider you for a mortgage loan.

There are too many factors need to see.

Posted on: 21st May, 2009 07:30 am
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