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Chapter 7 discharged, but what about Homeowners Insurance?

Hello All,

Simple question, I hope :D

My husband and I filed Chapter 7 in Oct. 09. We included everything under the filing even the mortgage. Our discharge was granted in Dec. 09. We are no longer in the home in which we were discharged from, so, do we still have to make sure our homeowners insurance is current until the foreclosure is completed?

I am aware that if we just went through general foreclosure than the answer would of course be yes, but our mortgage was discharged under Chapter 7...

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gmakerley | Joined: November 9, 2007 07:36 am | Posts: 0 | Location: New Jersey | 00 Dollars($)

though it would be a wonderful gesture if you continued to maintain the insurance coverage, i'd think it would be a surprise to your lender if you did. inasmuch as you're no longer occupying, i think you can probably let it lapse...the lender (if awake) will be obtaining coverage anyway.

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