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[font=Verdana:8a246f0a2a][/font:8a246f0a2a][color=DarkBlue:8a246f0a2a][/color:8a246f0a2a][size=12:8a246f0a2a][/size:8a246f0a2a]Hi. I have a question that possibly some one can help me with. I have filed a chapter 13 and am working w/a trustee for repayment on my mortgage. In conjunction w/my trustee payment, I must also make my regular mortgage payment. Under regular guidelines a person always had a grace period of 15 days..... does that still apply w/chapter 13. A mortgage is not considered late until that 16th I, as a Chapter 13 filee still have that grace period? Im curious to know if the lawyer is giving me the correct information....Pls help

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