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I filed a chapter 7 last year and it was discharged in Nov 08. Since then I have contacting Indymac bank to assist me with a loan modification. When I filed the BK, I also signed a letter of intent to get my first and [url=]second mortgage[/url] with IndyMac Bank. During the time that I was in active BK. Indymac would not speak with me. Now that my BK is discharged, they are telling me that I can not receive a modification unless the loan is reaffirmed. My BK attorney will not open the BK case for this. Indymac was the one that drop the ball on this and I am being punished. They also mentioned that it wasnt likely to receive a modification after the reaffirmation because I am current on the mortgage. I dont want to walk away from my home. Is there anything that can be done. Also if I did walk away, will Indymac be able to come after me for the payment or will the foreclosure go under the original BK terms since the loan was never reaffirmed.

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