What is the mortgage picture for prefabricated homes?

What is the mortgage picture for prefabricated homes?

Today, the housing estate is seeing a whole new dimension. We have homes built in a factory and delivered in parts to a construction site. These parts are then assembled at the site and the home is ready before the owner can even imagine.

Such is the new era of home designing and housing!

These factory-built homes are known by many names like prefabricated homes, modular homes, manufactured homes, mobile homes, etc. But each has its own characteristics.

First-time home buyer saving account - Save and get the tax benefits

Can you get a tax break while saving for your house? The answer would be “yes”, depending on which state you are living right now!

Ask yourself, are you getting stressed due to the rising home prices and thinking about how to handle the down payment crisis? Don't worry, your state may help you with this issue and get you tax benefits.

Is it time for another mortgage debt crisis, post-2018?

Is it time for another mortgage debt crisis, post-2018?

Guess, people of America are forgetting the calamity of 2008 financial crisis, where big lenders and financial institutions went broke, houses got foreclosed, the value of assets depreciated, and all followed by long years of recession and unemployment!

Today, it’s 2018! And, we should be concerned! The history seems to repeat itself, and believe it or not, the US economy is on the brink of a huge collapse!

How to make a good counteroffer to negotiate a better real estate deal

Buying a home is not as simple as offering a price and buy that home out. Home buying negotiations can take a lot of your precious time before the seller and you (buyer), both become satisfied with the deal.

Initial offer and counteroffer, both of them are the basic part of a good negotiation, especially the counteroffer. In most cases, the counteroffer is considered the ultimate selling price of the home. So, if you want to get the best deal while buying a home, you need to know how to make a good counteroffer.

How will you benefit from a smart home and home security systems?

Home security systems are getting smarter day by day as manufacturers are now including the smart factor in their products. This means will be able to control the devices either with voice commands or the traditional physical touch!

Consider for example the Homekit software framework of Apple! It allows you to pair different smart home accessories along with security systems and bring it under one hub, and control it with your iOS devices!

Important things you need to know in FRM and ARM type home loans

While taking out a home loan, there are many factors and events you will have to keep in mind!

As a consumer, you got to be wise and see what loan terms and interest rates are suitable for you. I guess you very well know, there are two types of interest rates offered on mortgages; one is the Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) or variable rate mortgage, and the other is the Fixed Rate Mortgage(FRM).

Apply for a construction loan - Why, when, and how to

Apply for a construction loan - Why, when, and how to

What is a construction loan?

Construction loans are normally opted by homebuilders or new homebuyers. These are short-term loans with the tenure of maximum 1 year. Construction loans are taken out for making payments of construction costs and other necessary expenses during the entire construction period.

Construction loan interest rates are variable, which normally change with the prime rate and are higher than the conventional mortgage rates.

Should you empty your savings for buying a house?

Should you empty your savings for buying a house?

Your savings are your assets. They are also counted to be investments at times, as the money you put down in your savings, grows on interest periodically.

So the big question for today is, should you drain out your savings while buying a house?

Any layman would readily say “why not”? But a sensible man would advise not to compromise savings while buying a new home!

80-10-10 loan or piggyback mortgage – Things you need to know being a new home buyer

You’ll get to know the term “80-10-10 loan” when you deal with a mortgage broker or start shopping for a home. This loan is also popular as a piggyback loan and made by combining more than one loans. 80-10-10 loan is customized to help its consumers so that they can save bigger.

New reverse mortgage rules for 2018 you need to know!

New reverse mortgage rules for 2018 you need to know!

Reverse mortgage rules have changed, and it’s actually going to affect your borrowing situations.

Senior citizens find the reverse mortgage to be a big relief in their lonesome and financially unstable days of retirement.

You own a big house but have no one to take care of the property. Your children live in some other states or abroad, and you are left here with your caring spouse, with both breathing in each other’s arms.

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