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5 popular hobbies you can start without spending big money

Hobbies make our life full of fun and liveliness. Without hobbies, we can’t enjoy our lives fully or life will be dull and only filled with eating, sleeping and work. In fact, your hobbies sometimes portray your personality and taste. Hobbies can take a big part of our lives, but it’s not mandatory that they’ll take a big share of your wallet also. Budget-friendly hobbies are also there that can save your money along with giving you an immense pleasure.


Here are some good and popular hobbies that you can do without any cost:

1. Exercising

This special hobby can be divided into several categories and different sub-categories for its vastness. You can do different physical workouts like jogging, running, swimming, cycling and walking without any costly gear or skill. But you can exercise as per your preferable time whenever you feel idle or in any spare time. If you want to add some variations in your exercise chart, you can do that easily.

You can adapt to the resistance training - it’s nothing but using your own body weight as a tool. Another fine, but truly effective course is the at-home yoga. You can search online and get different yoga methods according to your needs without spending any money.

2. Learning online

The Internet is quite an amazing resource that has altered the outlook of communication from one person to another. The internet allows people to gain access to the knowledge base and find the best piece of information they may require. MOOC or massive open online courses are one of the free online university courses that allow people to listen and join in university-level courses and discussions, absolutely free.

If learning or gathering knowledge in different subjects doesn’t suit you or you do not find them funny enough, you can try learning new languages online and then travel around the world, in different countries to meet native people and learn their culture as a friend.

3. Writing and reading

These two hobbies are the most easiest and cost-effective of all. Reading is a hobby that you can do anytime, anywhere, and, of course, free of charge. You just need to get a library membership which is much lower than buying a lot of new books. Writing is much cheaper than reading. You just need a pen and a sheet of paper, or you can use your personal electronic media devices, like a laptop, tablets, etc. You don’t need to buy a new gadget for that. But the most important thing you need to become a writer is having a good knowledge of the language.

4. Maintain your personal kitchen garden

Yes, initially you do have some upfront costs, including seeds, compost, several tools, cold storage for fresh vegetables, etc. But people who love to eat a lot of vegetables will definitely know the rising prices of good, fresh vegetables out there. And trust me, if somehow the cost of gardening gets similar to the cost of vegetable you monthly need, you’ll never get such fresh meal at any cost. Having fresh vegetables in your personal garden makes it an enjoyable and satisfying hobby.

5. Using consumable media and update yourself

There are uncountable ways to consume media - you can get news from a newspaper, you can watch TV, you can read magazines, and many more. Thanks to the Internet, today we can entertain ourselves through YouTube, the biggest video resource of the web world, service offered by Google. Different companies and marketing individuals use youtube to promote their services and product through advertising. People also can earn revenue through joining different product campaign or just simply uploading a unique video.

Electronic media devices like PCs, tablets, or smartphones also enable us to engage ourselves in different hobbies - online gaming, online quiz competitions, etc. Computers and the Internet both have opened a great new horizon to enjoy new hobbies for free. You can cherish these hobbies and grow your personality, whether you have dollars in your wallet or not.

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