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How to keep the home safe from thieves in 2015


From year 2011 to 2013, statistics showed nearly 2860 burglaries committed in the US out of every 100,000 citizens. However, in 2014 property crimes were decreased with 14% drop in burglary. But there is no such guaranty that the rate won't rise up. So, it is time for you to get prepared all by yourself. If you can follow some safety guidelines as a homeowner, you can reduce the possibilities of your home being victimized by a group of burglars.

1. Use fake security signs: The most effective way to prevent your home is to install a home security system. But it is not at all cheap. Sometimes it took a major part of your paycheck to bear this cost. People with low income can not afford this hi-tech system. So, there is a way to manage this situation. As an affordable alternative, you may just put a big sign at the front of your yard. How would a sign will prevent theft? Actually you'll put the home security sign so that the people will imagine as your place is under surveillance by a home security system. But technically, you are not obtaining the service. The burglars will actually think that your place is strongly secured by a surveillance system, which keeps your house off target from the thieves.

2. Keep your garage closed: The most common entry point for burglars is the open garage doors. The passersby people can easily have a glance on your interior & belongings. This only triggers the chances of theft. So, as a homeowner you must recheck that all the time the garage door remains closed.about:newtab

3. Communicate with neighbors: Your neighbors can help you a lot while preventing burglary. Spent time with your neighbors & get familiar with them. It was proved that a homeowner who have good terms with his surrounding peoples...practically with neighbors, have always a better protection & helping hands while needed. They will help you at any point of time, whether in any occasion or at the time crisis. Even they call the cops if any suspicious guy sneaking at your door steps. So don't be afraid, communicate with your neighbors freely.

4. Separate valuables from the bedroom: It is a common habit of any people that we always keep our priceless & valuable things at our bedroom. It is not a good thing. If you are attacked by a thief while sleeping at night, you will definitely not have a chance to save any of your property. It will be easier for the thief to rob your cash & jewelry totally. It is statistically proved that burglars target the master bedroom initially. So, try to keep your valuable things in private vaults or distribute things & store them separately, not in any single room.

5. Block escape routes: If your home has enough hiding spaces like small rooms, basement etc & easy ways to escape through the yards, it will be one of the preferred targets of burglars. If you maintain a big garden area where bushes and trees creates a fair cover for any people, a thief can easily make his way through while hiding. So, try to keep a clean yard, prefer small trees or open spaces so that the your home won't look an easy prey to the thieves.

6. Use hi-tech gadgets: Homeowners must install hi-tech home security devices like motion sensors, hidden cameras, motion sensor alarms etc. Use automatic outdoor lights which will glow if someone touch the sensors.

7. Keep your presence all day: The burglars will target your home mostly in day time, when you will be busy in office & nobody is watching over your place. So, you need to create an ambience as if the house is not empty, someone is still awake there. The most easy way to perform this is to keep on your sound system always or Leave the radio tuned on all day long. Any outsider would think that someone is at home listening music. But do not make it very loud unless it would hurt your neighbors.

8. Police inventory: Ask the neighborhood patrolling police to visit your home & to check required safety measures. The 911 guys will help you whether it's day or night.

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