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Smart home living tips for women in 2015

WK04MU - Smart home living tips for women in 2015

Being a woman, what resolution did you take in this 2015? Do you want to enjoy fully & spend less in every moment of this year?

Don't be anxious, try these given below practical advice & make every part of your life better. Truly!

Be a professional saver :

1. Look out for deals – A smart homemaker-woman will know everything about when & where to grab best deals, from clothing to furniture.

2. Know every dollar – It is not mandatory that what ever you will like, you may buy. Things are cheap these days, so you can get them easily. But you need to realize, is it really worth? There is no need to purchase a pair of $350 flower-vase when you need a pair of $75 shoes.

3. Own house creativity  Avoid buying goods from outside. Try to use what's in the fridge. Use your imagination while making crafts from existing stuffs. In spite of buying new fashion clothes, create new outfits from the items & accessories which you already have in your home.

4. Negotiate for best deal – While buying anything, tell the salesperson about the other brands, where you are getting better discounts. Negotiation with the seller will always give you a better offer which can save a handsome amount from your wallet.

5. Look out for free gifts – If you have decided to buy online, try to get as many free gifts you can. If you are shopping for your home from retail stores, check for freebies & coupons which can give you lots of important commodities free of cost. For an example – you can get one jar of peanut butter free if you buy three jars of cookies..etc

6. Spread your voice – Communicate with your relative, friends & neighbors about things you're gonna buy. Sometimes you'll see that anyone from these people or any other will give you the things you required, may be as a gift. For an example -I was looking for a good lawn-mower for my yard, & was telling it to one of my friend. He has an old one which required repairs. He gave it to me without taking a single penny and I spent just a little money towards repairing it. And is working absolutely fine & saved my wallet too.

Be a professional home manager :

7. Recycle & use – Do not keep all your unused stuff like newspapers, magazines, containers, old bags, clothes for long time. Decide when to dispose these commodities or, better recycle these things. You'll be amazed to see that most of your daily useable things can be made up from recycling old stuffs.

8. Define every room – The most easiest way to keep your home clean is more like “indexing” every room. You can select a specific room for a selective type of work. For an example – The smallest room can be used only for kids, the biggest can be used only to dine with your family, the most cornered room can be used for storage, the room under the stairs can be used for keeping laundry or shoes..etc. Plan it as per your choice, try to keep things as per their respective rooms.

Give yourself a healthy space, give priorities to the choices of food, not the limits. If making a popular dish at home gets much cheaper than eating it on a restaurant, choose the first option. If you have the time & guts, maintain your own kitchen garden. By this way, you can reduce your veggie – cost to half or within your limits. Eat healthy home-made food rather than junk foods contained with lots of calories. Homemade cereals are best to keep your doctors away & save medical bills.

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