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A mortgage is scarier than zombies! Check out how


Purchasing a house is a thrilling expensive dream and is also a symbol that you’re inviting your zombie friend. Difficult to believe? Just read on if you dare.

How mortgage gets spookier than zombies

Your dream of owning a house may turn into a nightmare if you fall behind your payments or use all your savings to make the monthly mortgage payments. It’s spookier than the zombies. Find out how:

1. Fear of having no savings

Building a financial reservoir gets tough when monthly mortgage payments are high. One unexpected bill is enough to scare the hell out of you if you have no savings. It’ll affect your ability to take care of your family, to do a job, secure child’s and your future and run your household.

Solution: Start saving money from this Halloween so that next Halloween may not be so frightful.

2. Haunting oversized mortgage payment

You may live with your plus-size mortgage payment. But, it’s like sharing your house with the spooks. Which is true!

A huge monthly mortgage payment can send shivers down your spine.

This is what exactly happens when you live in a haunted house.

Solution: To make home loan payments affordable, you can talk to your lender about refinancing or modifying your mortgage with better rates.

3. Horrifying credit score

Your mortgage will scare your credit score if you fail to keep up with the monthly payments. As a result, your dear credit score will look horrific.

Solution: Try to make regular monthly home loan payments so that the credit score don’t scare you anymore.

4. Fear of losing your house

The fear of losing your dream home is always there when you’re not able to make the regular monthly mortgage payments.

Solution: Is staying up-to-date with monthly mortgage payment getting difficult? If so, then look for alternatives like bringing a tenant or do a part-time job to earn extra money.

5. Horror of losing focus from fixed financial goals

Living costs are rising rapidly. In this scenario, nurturing a home loan is quite tough.

It often helps to shift your focus from other important monetary goals like saving for retirement and rainy days, kid’s education, paying insurance premiums, investments, and so on.

Solution: Don’t let your zombie home loan payment divert your financial focus. Instead, stay strong and fight with it.

I’m sure you’ll overpower that mortgage demon soon. Just have faith in yourself.

Are there any other ways mortgage has scared you more than the zombies? If so, share your experiences with us.

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