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Annoying things that home sellers do to the real estate agents

Every seller wants a good real estate agent who can help him like a partner to sell his home. But, an individual real estate agent can have the potential to manage the selling process alone, without getting any help from the seller. So, the seller must not do such things, which can create problems for the real estate agent. There are a few actions of the sellers, which can make any real estate agent insane.


By doing such things you can make plenty of problems regarding your home sale. So, being a seller, it’s your duty to watch out your actions. Without making any more confusion, let's know what sellers do often to piss off agents:

1. Asking for a higher price

Sellers often assume their property as a special object. Why the sellers do this totally depends on the seller's mind and thinking. The house may be the sole witness of his many memorable occasions. So, naturally, the house might have a soft position in the seller’s heart.

Normally, the agent fixes a fair price on behalf of the seller. If it goes too high, the home might get stuck in the market for a while, or even for several months. Unfortunately, in 90% cases, the houses get sold below their actual price. Sellers might receive that amount if they enlist the home with their actual price from the beginning.

2. Hanging out unnecessarily with the buyer

The prime benefit of hiring a professional real estate agent is that he knows how to highlight the pros and to cover up the cons of your home while selling it to a buyer. But, if you always poke your nose in the conversation between the agents and always hang out with the buyer, you’ll probably create problems for the agent. It’ll be very hard for the agent to mould the deal and make the buyers satisfied with the property. So, what’s you gonna do then? If you’ve already in there, just get out of the house and leave them alone. Let your agent speak to the buyer, and when the deal is completed, congratulate the buyer and yourself also.

3. Forcing a real estate agent for doing multiple open houses

An open house is a good option to attract a mass of people at a time. But, according to today's trends, interested buyers use the internet for searching new homes daily. If they find something attractive, they’ll surely collect the number and call the agent for further inquiry. But, some real estate agents disagree with this fact. Remember, by doing an open house event, you’re just asking people for visiting your house so that they can look at the home. But it may also happen that a potential buyer accidentally skips your open house just because of other reasons. They may call you or your agent later if your house fulfills their criteria. So, you must put your focus on listing your house online rather than doing multiple open house events.

4. Keeping the house untidy

You must clean your house before showing it to the potential buyer. Buyers like to visit your home before buying and they won’t like a messy, untidy, stinky interior at all. Keep your kids’ toys and other stuff within the drawers. If you have any pets, then keep them away from the house until the visitors are gone. Buyers love to see a clean-slate look so that they can imagine the home as their future house. If it’s not, they'll likely reject your place and move to another.

5. Asking for extra money

Suppose the buyer quoted a price which was $10,000 less than what you, the seller listed for. Your agent and the buyer’s agent negotiated the price and agreed to a new offer that is just $2,500 away from your price. But at the end, you’re still insisting on having another $1,500 from the buyer. By doing this you’re actually hitting off the buyer’s agent, the buyer and also your agent.

6. Making lame reasons

If your agent informs you about a potential buyer who wants to see the home, you must grab the chance instantly. Don’t turn down showings, whatever the reason is. You never know which buyer will agree to the deal according to your preferable price. Try to treat each and every buyer carefully and positively. Getting a potential buyer into the home is very crucial for a seller. You need to make your home available to every person who have an interest in buying.

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