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Crucial documents you’ll need for your new apartment


Moving to another apartment can be really exhausting and troublesome for first-timers. But you can reduce the stress and trouble that would cost you while moving to your new apartment just following the below-given points.

Have a break from the packing, unpacking, hiring the movers, and finish the documentation process. The crucial paperwork is the most frustrating, time engaging and confusing part of moving. Some documents are processed after few weeks only and you might need to make lots of phone call. You might also need to visit the agency's office over and over. But it is necessary enough to give time and effort for securing all these documents.

Below are the documents you'll need when you move into a new apartment:

1. Your identification card

In case you are leasing the apartment, any ID card of your can be sufficient. It may be your student ID card, it may be your driver's license, it may be your voter's ID, your passport, visa, etc – till they're valid and up to date. Most of the homeowners or landlords may need only one ID card as a proof, but still it's good to be ready.

2. Documents regarding your income

You need to make sure that you have provided enough income proof to ensure the landlord about your ability to pay off monthly payments. This document may be your employment pay slip, it may be your business income statement, it can be anything that clearly show your income. It's a mandatory thing that you must provide your current pay stub or income statement. If you're a self-employed person or you manage to earn income from different sources, then also you need to show the landlord your current appropriate proof of income.

3. Most recent tax returns

You’ll need to provide the latest tax return to your landlord, that's alright. Some landlords will require two or three recent returns, some lenders might want more, it depends on which state you are from. You may secure copies of your last three returns to be sure.

4. Reference letter

If you're moving from one apartment to another, it is good to keep a reference letter from your previous landlord. You can show the letter to your new landlord to prove your trustworthiness. Every landlord wants an honest, and dependable tenant, so, by giving the letter you are actually going to have his faith. Make sure the letter shows the total contact numbers or address of your previous landlord. It’ll help your current landlord to verify all info about your past tenant life. It's also good if you can get a reference from your friends and neighbors, even from your colleagues. If you're just passed out from school and don’t have a job yet, you can show a copy of your diploma or any other certificates that you have just completed your graduation.

5. Society clearance and membership

If you’re buying the apartment, then you must acquire “No objection Certificate” from the society you’re going to live in, for transfer or sale of the apartment. Pay any required transfer charges to the society. You must also get the share certificate from the society that must be clearly transferred in your name or the name of the buyer.

Once you have moved to your new apartment, there will be some more paperwork remaining. First, you’ll have to update all your existing records on your current address. This is very important especially if you're moving to a new state. You’ll have to visit your nearest postal office and update your current mailing and billing address, this process may take 30 days approx. Don't forget to inform all of your friends, family, relatives, business associates and other important persons about your current address.

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