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How to know when it's time to upgrade or downgrade your home


One of the major causes for selling your home is shifting to a bigger home for accommodating a growing family. As your kids enter into their teen, they also demand more privacy and space for their own. They'll want separate bedrooms, study rooms, and play houses, etc. Your old two-bedroom home just can’t cope up with the load further.

So, what you must consider before upgrading or downgrading your house?

1. Empty spaces and rooms

Are you walking into empty rooms that you can’t even manage to clean up regularly? Can’t decide how to convert your kid’s old playhouse into the home office or dining room? Admit have too much space in your current house. Once your kids have left home and shifted to a hostel, you’ll have the empty nest with you. So, downsizing to a smaller house makes it easier for you to manage empty spaces.

2. Expanding family

If you’re adding more kids and/or pets to your family, you’ll surely need to upgrade your home. Aside from needing more space, you might also look for a district where you can find an A+ school and a sweet neighborhood, park, hospital, etc. If you don’t have kids or not expanding your family, still buying a home in a first class school district is worthy while reselling.

3. Relationship status

If you’ve changed your relationship status you might think for an upgrade or downgrade. Your old house may be not likable for your new soul-mate. Overall decoration, interior, or even bathroom may not fit for his/her expectation. Getting married or cohabitating with a special may just be the perfect time to sell and move to your dream house.

4. City life

Every trendy city has its moment. If you feel that your city is losing its charm for new buyers, selling your old place and shifting to a big city may be the right thing. Remember, new residents always ensure new opportunities.

5. High repairing expenses

It can be very hard to manage higher cost on repairs, especially if you are living in a costly city. But it might be the right time to think about moving into a new home. Practically, there’s no point of spending a lot on repairs if you know that money will definitely get wasted.

6. Last day of your job

This implies to those people who are in a moving or transferable job. Suppose you got a job for which you need to move into Vegas. But your family need to stay in Dover. So, maybe after your retirement or joining a new job, you might think of moving from the new house in Vegas. You might be ready to sell it and head to your old house with your family.

7. Tight financial situation

Are you getting stressed about your outstanding bills, like - utility bills, bills of repairs or monthly mortgage payments? Then you may sell your home and get rid of this problem. Shifting from a costly area to a more affordable neighborhood may bring the financial peace you always wished for.

8. The neighbors

Are you getting disturbed all night due to the neighbor’s annoying dogs? Are you noticing some weird activity or frequent police patrolling near your house? There’s a possibility that you’ve been trapped in a wrong neighborhood. So, the best way to get rid of this mess is to sell and move.

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