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Important charities to donate in this holiday season


It is quite amazing that we often feel a giving mood, especially in the holiday seasons. Contributing to a noble cause is an excellent way to help people who are in need of serious support. A charity also gives you a tax reduction opportunity. Many organizations will reach you to get a good contribution from your end during the holidays. So, it’s very important to verify the details before handing over your money. Make sure your charity must be taken care of by a reputable charitable organization, instead of some fake trusts.


Here are some famous charitable organizations whom you can rely on:

1. The Samaritan’s Purse

The Samaritan’s Purse is an organization that renders help to persons who are war victims, people suffered from natural calamity and poverty since 1970. The Samaritan’s Purse will offer you a catalog, from which you can choose the destination of your money. The charity where you intend to put your money will directly receive the amount sent from you. This charity is mainly popular for its flow of help towards different needy people.

2. The Direct Relief

The Direct Relief is a nonprofit concern that is mainly concentrated on helping emergency situation victims and people who suffered from poverty. Many media and business tycoons like Fast Company, BBB, and especially Forbes have voted Direct Relief as the best charity organization. Direct Relief charity is directly associated with the movements, which helped in the situations like Ebola crisis, the Nepal earthquakes, and Syrian refugee crisis.

3. The Compassion International

Compassion International works like a social connector, which brings together the sponsor and the needy child under one roof. They connect the kids with their helpers directly. As a sponsor, you can financially help them with a monthly contribution as per your choice, and you can also communicate with them through letters, images, and small gift items. The organization will provide you regular updates about the child and a picture of the kid. Imagine, how much emotional you’re gonna be when you read a “thank you” letter from that lovely kid.

4. The World Wildlife Fund

If you love animals from the core of your heart, then you would definitely have a soft corner for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Practically, they do everything for saving the endangered as well as common animals. By associating with them you can, not only help those poor wildlife animals but also save them from getting extinct. You can donate as much as possible, in return, you’ll get some ‘thank you gifts’ from the charity. This may include a cute small plush, a photo of an animal, certificates, gift bags, etc. This gift will be very inspiring as well as fun for your kids.

5. The Operation Smile

The Operation Smile provides helping hand towards free surgery and medication for kids and young people, suffering from the problems of cleft lip, cleft palate, and other facial deformities. They are working on more than 220,000 cases over 60 countries around the world. As a sponsor, you can donate any amount you are comfortable with. You can give the money directly to Operation Smile or buy a specific item from their catalog.

That is only a few important charitable organizations where you can donate freely. There are other charities also, which you can find online. Just don’t forget to check the background of the charity you are going to associate with. You must know where your hard-earned money is going, to a needy person, or to some fake charity’s account.

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