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Tips for selling homes in long island in winter season


Selling your Long Island home is a tough call, especially in the winter months. You'll encounter a notoriously harsh beauty, and it'll be difficult to travel or navigate due to snow and ice in the roadways. Due to a heavy cold, the place becomes a barren landscape with leafless trees. In the winter days, the place loses its beauty and local houses looks dull. But, in the springtime, nature’s beauty regain it's charm and increases the amazing outside appearance.

Although it may look like it is much hard to sell your home in the winter, it is far from impossible. In fact, its record suggests that winter listings are 9% greater than usual sell and the listing remains on the market less than one week from the homes listed in other seasons.

What are the reasons behind this?

Homes in winter season are priced exclusively for sell. In this season, the prices become more realistic and sellers have a more practical thinking about the market. If a seller gets his or her involvement in the home selling market during winter, instead of holding the breath until spring, it’s a positive sign that he or she is motivated to make a deal.

Home selling in the winter also encounters lower competition. Practically, during the spring season home sellers market is flooded with listings, the winter times are quite less populated. Buyers willing to buy homes in this area in the winter will have less number of listings to choose from. So, it'll get easier for them to select their desired home. And those buyers who are eager to buy a home in wintertime, there's a greater chance that they are serious about having a home and want to move there asap. There are some valid reasons behind this behavior, like - job relocation, or child birth, etc.

Here are few tips for selling your Long Island home this winter:

1. Use sufficient light

If you have a working fireplace, use it and start a crackling, warm fire to create a cozy, comfortable ambiance in your home. Use bright lights and colorful shades to enlighten every corner of your house during open houses.

2. Make it smell good

Good smell always attracts the human mind. So, you can fill your house with delicious aroma by making a fresh pie, baking fresh buns and coffee. You can offer the buyer's his or her desired warm ambiance to elicit a cozy atmosphere that will fill buyers with a sense of home.

3. Don’t ignore the outside

Clean up your backyard and porch, make sure you give a cozy touch that can portray their usefulness. Decorate the outdoors with folded furnitures. A gorgeous firepit decorated with candles, proper cleanliness, bright lights and fabulous outdoor can showcase your home’s appeal.

4. Practical tip

Clean all walkways and driveways covered with snow and ice. Let your buyers know that even in a bad weather your house is safe and fully functional.

5. Make sure the entrance is uncluttered

Houses in an winter season most of the time get cluttered with boots and winter coats. Pick them up and arrange them in the coat closet and shoe rack. Everything must be in it’s place so that the first impression about your loan island house become a positive impression.

6. Build a snowman

Welcome the visitors into your house with a frosty greeting. Build a big snowman and dress him up in different getups like T-shirt, caps or whatever you desire. You can even stick a “For - sale” signboard in his frosty hands.

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