We all know that credit card debt is considered “bad” due to its high-interest rates. On the other hand, mortgage seems to be the “good” option for its variable interest rates. But it’s hard to assume which option will be good for you and which one isn’t worthy. In fact, without thinking about the future, some individuals are deliberately refinancing their home. They’re using the money, taken out as a mortgage loan, in order to pay off their credit card debts.

How to save for your first home deposit

If you think a bank or a lender will approve your loan application as soon as you send it to them, then you are probably mistaken. Unfortunately, those days are over for us now. Today, lenders want to see enough funds in your bank account as savings before they approve the loan for your first home. So, if you want to have the keys of your dream home in your hand, where you can live your life and fulfill your colorful dreams, you need to gather a big amount towards the downpayment. Buying a house with a mortgage can't be possible without patience and proper saving habit.


It is very exciting to find your first apartment as a new home buyer. You can do whatever you want to do with your new apartment, with the furnitures, the decorations, anything you like. It will be totally your own choice. You can decorate your living room totally with zebra print or host an after party with all of your loved ones. But before that, you may encounter many overwhelming and stressful house hunts being a first time buyer/renter.

Joint Mortgage and separation - How to proceed legally


Today in US, couples who plan to separate are facing one of the biggest challenging issues of their life, i.e., a joint mortgage loan. In the United States,most married couples have made one of the biggest investments of their life during the course of their relationship, that is “buying a house”. Technically, the joint home mortgage loan is the main financial obligation for them.Before taking the divorce to court, they must settle the mortgage debt.

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