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Introducing Finance Video Forum

Hi all,

Here's something interesting to talk about!

We have come up with the Video Forum in MF to help you share and learn finance the easy way. Our purpose is to empower you with financial knowledge so that you can make wise financial moves.

What is it all about?

The Video Forum is an interactive platform wherein you can add financial videos or browse through those shared by others. What we get to see and hear leaves a lasting impression on our minds. That’s the reason videos are so effective in spreading financial knowledge.

Not aware of the tips and traps of credit repair?

Hi All,

Having a good credit record is a primary factor for getting some of the best mortgage offers. But in today's market, one of the major concerns for those looking for mortgage is having bad credit.

Due to low score or negative remarks on credit report, sometimes it's simply not possible for us to get a mortgage and fulfill our dream - that of having a Sweet Home. And even if we get an offer, the rates and fees are too high.

Make the community aware of the latest in finance

Hi All,

Today we have come up with our Industry News section with a new look and after fixing some logical bugs.

Now the community members can share any mortgage news or latest happenings in the mortgage or finance industry from any news site or blog.

I personally feel, it will give a platform to financial bloggers who can share their interesting blog posts covering industry happenings with a large community and collect their comments.

Complain Center and Story Section

I am updating it after such a long time.

I have been too busy with other development work with my R& D Team. In the next few months our community can expect few good components getting added into our website.

Complain Center

This what a community will like it very much. Through complain center person can file a complain against a lender or a broker infront of a community. This will allow the user to put his voice to the world and other will also learn about it. Through this community can create an awareness to fight against frauds and scams.

What's Next

  • Improvised Lenders Directory

We giving a new look to our lenders directory and this time with some additional features to it. Our new directory will be more flexible and user friendly. We are also planning to add some additional features for our lenders like personal forums, tools where they can manage their feeds and many more. On their details, I will post it later.

What's On

Country Specific Sites

We are also launching MortgageFit to 2 others countries (UK and Canada). Our plan is to spread our services across the globe so that people can take benefit of our community services. We have given separate sub domains to all the countries and soon we will see MortgageFit giving services in all the countries.

Our Recent Changes

Recent Launches

  • Blogs

MortgageFit has launched its own blog for its community members. You can develop your blog just the way you like it. Our blogs can be used as personal diaries and most important is they don't have to go anywhere if they are interested in making blogs.

  • Wiki

It's a user friendly system through which you can expand your knowledge on a particular topic of interest. You can write as well as edit the existing content in our wiki.

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