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Posted on: 06th Feb, 2011 10:54 am
i bought a house in nov/2006 but couldnt get rid of old house-filed chapt 7 bankruptcy-aug11,2009--bank finally forclosed-march25,2010,sale june28,2010
box1= aug4/2010 (-thats wrong they can use acquisition date) box 2=46k, box4=65.5k box5=no
on my 2008 state return for 2007 i said i was a full time resident of new house state so that means my primary home was only approx 1yr and half of the 5 years- right? is there some way still claim old house primary?

i cant remember if received a 1099 on the chapt7 but in any case did not put it on my return last year for 2009 did not itemize and felt it didnt matter

i cant find what forms to use when not liable and box4 is greater than 2.
also i dont know what to put as cost as i bought the house from private indiv and than refinance and then loan modification in jan 200746.8k the only improvments was garage door and new roof and 10k in windows that i filed bankruptcy on and they didnt repossess.
Hi markcon,

This is a complicated issue and I will suggest you to contact a tax adviser in this regard. The tax adviser will go through the required documents and let you know what you should do.
Posted on: 06th Feb, 2011 07:31 pm
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