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should I sell the house to pay off my $40,000 credit card debt?

Posted on: 05th Feb, 2009 09:32 pm
i have $40,000 worth of cc debt (over 6 cards) which i can't pay the minimums on at all because i am only collecting unemployment. would it be better to sell the house for say $59,000 (half what it was worth a year or two ago) or try and get a well paying, full-time job, get into a debt consolidation program and try to pay it off with monster payments in 5 yrs? have had it listed now for 2 months with no offers. there is no mortgage on the house but i can't get a home equity loan because i have no job. can they put a lien on my house or garnish my wages when i do get a job? can they touch my unemployment?
i think they can put your house. and you must make sure that you can pay that.
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Posted on: 05th Feb, 2009 11:54 pm
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