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Compare Payments on Fixed and Adjustable Rate Loans

Here's a tool that will help you to compare the total monthly payment on fixed rate and adjustable rate (fully amortizing and interest-only) loans for a specific time period. You can also figure out the total interest and maximum monthly payment payable on an FRM and ARM.

Loan Information
Mortgage Amount ($)
Loan Period
Expected Rate Adjustment (%)
Fixed Rate Mortgage
Mortgage Rate (% per annum)
Fully Amortized Adjustable Rate Mortgage
Initial Mortgage Rate (% per annum)
Months before First Rate Adjustment
Interest Rate Cap (%)
Interest-Only Adjustable Rate Mortgage
State and Federal Tax Rate (%)
Months Before First Rate Adjustment
Interest Rate Cap (%)
Compare Payments
Fixed ARM Interest-Only ARM
Initial Monthly Payment
Maximum Loan Available
Total Payments
Total interest
Note: Monthly Payment includes monthly principal and monthly interest only.

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