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Long modification/Wells Fargo

Posted on: 30th Aug, 2010 12:13 am
in a nut shell it's being the toughest thing I think we ever had to deal with wellsfargo Wells Fargo denied our loan modification 2 times 1st lack of documentation 2 failure to abide bythe plan??? The first one Im self employed I gave them the same document I did seven years ago and more fyi we had a 798 credit score in for the past seven years not been late one day they put us onl a another plan this one three months first 4
The first one payment plan $300 less regular payment on next time i ph in to payjuly the guyhad a ER at home wouldnt be in2 days thur fri couldnt pay it iythe # he told us to call that that handling his our customers that Lady was a little upset that her ph # was on that she is not handling these for her supervisor cause said it was the 27th i called thur27 hes not n his office his machine sd "due to A unforeseen emergency" OUT OF Office
fri i called# he lef on ph To call>person #2 SD her workload was hi & he should not put her number I NEED TO PAY CAN T I doesn't have my case couldnt takenpayment I told her we have to get IT in now?? replied, my supervisors extension RING OH a human voice on a machine the offices closed OMGOD said illreturn all mycalls Mondaythank U click!! NOW 26THUR [color=Red:16972838c3]27FRI [/color:16972838c3]28 SAT 29SUN 30TH I CALLED SORRY U MISSED jULY PAYMENT NO I HAVE IT HER IT ISSORRY CANT TAKEOVER 3 DAYS LATE BUT I CAN TAKE PAYMET IN FULL IS THAT CHECK OR CREIDIT CARD 14000? SO much more

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I can understand your situation. Though you had the money, you could not make the payments due to the fault of Customer Care representatives of the bank. You should contact the bank again and let them know what led to the default and negotiate with them so that you would be able to pay the dues as per the modification plan.

Feel free to ask if you've further queries.

Posted on: 31st Aug, 2010 01:03 am
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