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need to contact usfastcash

Posted on: 02nd Oct, 2009 09:29 am
I had some money deposited into my account by you and I would like to talk to someone at us fast cash immediately!!!! Richard Allen.
Thank You,
Richard Allen
not a smart move to put your phone number on this website, richard. i hope you don't get all sorts of crank calls. this website has nothing to do with usfastcash, but is merely a community of people who are mainly interested in the mortgage market, and related other topics.
Posted on: 02nd Oct, 2009 11:13 am
I have been trying to contact this bogus us fast cash.I am furious that i have been ignored repeatedly for a month.i e-mailed and e-mailed so much to get someone to contact me about this stupid "advance" i never agreed to or authorized to receive or just let your low life "lender" just take $$$ out of my account monthly.I never even knew any of this $$was from your company due to the fact no one contacted me.Never got no e mail with authorization number to confirm or accept $135 a month to just be a member or wtf ever.a stupid monthly fee that doesn't even pay any of the damn balance.I would never agree to this. it is just plain stupid.i am on disability an feel this usfast cash is awful taking advantage of me.i refuse to let you keep talking $$$ away from me.You need to take the $135x2=$270 off the $400 you just sneakily scammed into my account with no confirmation from me.I will never ever consider a "advance" from any company of your like.This is a horrible way to make $$$ for your company.You should be ashamed to work @ us bull shit fast cash this no way to earn a living.Scamming people,taking away from my kids and i making my life even harder,Remeber i am already disabled,this doesn't help my bi-polar mental health.It makes me even more angry and want to be aggresive.So can someone who gives a shit contact me promptly as I have been requesting for too frickin long I cry and beg and shouldn't have to. Very dissatisfied,disgruntal,disabled person you are robbing. Not thankful,cuz you aren't, bunch of punks!!! Kmiberly Rigert 262-748-8769.hopefully my phone will ring before the 3rd if not then i really know i taken like fool.not good idea.i will be reporting this to the BBB.!!!
Posted on: 30th Jun, 2011 11:30 pm
Kimberly, I understand your anger and your frustration and I'm sad to say that your diatribe here isn't likely to bear much fruit. MortgageFit has no affiliation with us fast cash; what you see here is information that's been provided by others such as you who've been victimized, along with whatever solid advice we can provide to those folk.

I don't have any awareness myself as to the location of this company, and can only suggest at this time that you contact your state's Attorney General's office to register a formal complaint and to see what information you might be able to get from them about contacting the company.

You may also want to try the Federal Trade Commission at, where there is a great deal of valuable information for consumers such as you.

I wish you well in trying to rectify this.
Posted on: 04th Jul, 2011 10:16 am
I am not sure what is your motive on posting something like this. Though I wish you good luck in your future plans with you deposited money.
Posted on: 05th Jul, 2011 02:45 am
There is a great deal of motivation behind the postings about these payday lenders. Most of those who post have been ripped off in one fashion or another, and they're seeking assistance from those of us on the forum in an attempt to recover that which they've lost.

There are some convoluted posts, no doubt; but the majority come from hard-working folk who've gotten caught up in the ease of obtaining a loan from these shyster companies. Little did they know the trap they were setting for themselves.

Later, once they catch on to the deception and the ensuing ripoffs, they try to contact these ne'er-do-wells without success; search the internet for references and come up with MortgageFit, upon which so many have registered their complaints and sought advice.

Rather than question motivation, I believe we ought to be pro-active in recommending solutions and any practical advice that we might be able to share.
Posted on: 05th Jul, 2011 04:57 am
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