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My Credit restoration testimony

Posted on: 03rd Jun, 2023 01:10 pm
Thanks for the comment, I have a great testimony, My credit score is 840 now, I finally got approved for a credit card, I have 2 kids and needed my own house as well as a car , I could not get approved for a loan based off my credit. I needed the increase FAST ! I didn’t have much in my name, I had 2 student loans, one paid off half way, one does not start payments for 6 months.. I had one bank account that went to collections for identity theft. I had 8 hard credits from past and present I didn’t know where to turn and I needed HELP, After a lot of hard times of being in debt and can not get my house back, I could not get any done, I found it so hard to make life for myself, I tried to get loans from different companies but they could not grant me any because of my low credit score, everything was going sour till I met a computer expert who helped me increased my credit score and clear the debt on my bank account, he improved my credit score and aIso clear my credit debt,I want to thank SWIFTHACKGENIUS ( for restoring my credit score to better, He helped me removed all the negative items on my credit and the charge offs, He also did a tremendous job my removing my identity theft bad record, He literally made a great transformation in my life. I will always recommend him. You can get in touch with him and he will be ready to assist You.

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