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Can you obtain a reverse mortgage on mobile home?

Author: Jessica Bennet
Community Mentor
Ask Jessica
Posted on: 20th Dec, 2005 02:22pm
If you own a mobile or manufactured home then you may be thinking whether or not you will be eligible for a reverse mortgage loan. The answer is: though it is difficult but you still may be eligible for a reverse mortgage.

To qualify for a reverse mortgage on conventional home, your age should be at least 62 and you must own the conventional home as a primary residence. Again, if you own a manufactured house, you may still be eligible for the loan but the house must be built after June 15, 1976. This date is very important because this is the time when the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) began regulating the construction of the mobile homes as per some stipulated guidelines on construction. Again, the floor area of the mobile home must be at least 400 square feet. The structure of the house must be built on some permanent framework. Moreover, the house must be constructed in line with the Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards.

Merely the fact that the house was built after 1976 does not ensure that you will be approved a reverse mortgage loan. Some reverse mortgage lenders require that the manufactured house should have a minimum appraised value. Moreover, the origination fee for this loan is also relatively higher.
Posted on: 20th Dec, 2005 02:22 pm
Is it possible for people 62+ to get a reverse mortgage on a Mobile Home that is in a mobile home park?
I am told I can not get a reverse mortgage on my manufactured home because it has an attached garage added. Is this true? It seems to meet all the other criteria. Thanks
Posted on: 06th Nov, 2012 06:29 am
Hi dljbwebb,

It will be completely the lender's discretion whether or not he will provide you with a reverse mortgage. If you don't meet the criteria, the lender will deny your request. Moreover, it should be noted here that mobile homes hardly qualify for reverse mortgages.
Posted on: 06th Nov, 2012 09:20 pm
The mobile home and land are deeded as one. Can I get a reverse mortgage on that in PA. If so who would lenders be?
Posted on: 20th Feb, 2013 09:50 pm
Hi Dottie!

Welcome to forums!

It is quite difficult to qualify for a reverse mortgage on a mobile home as such homes lose out on their equity easily. Thus, lenders don't prefer offering reverse mortgages on such properties.

Feel free to ask if you've further queries.

Posted on: 21st Feb, 2013 10:01 pm
i have a mobil home with hadite blocks and tie downs metal straps drilled in the ground. will i be able to get a reverse is a2012 model 15x76 with 2 acres.
Posted on: 05th Mar, 2013 02:07 pm
Hi Guest,

Lenders don't prefer giving reverse mortgages to mobile homes as they lose value quickly. Nevertheless, you will have to speak to the local lenders and check out if they can help you with a reverse mortgage.
Posted on: 06th Mar, 2013 09:23 pm
It is an option for mobile home owners,who are at least 62 years of age,whose homes are built after 1976 and the home sits on a permanent foundation on the land that the mobile home owner owns.
Posted on: 15th Apr, 2013 06:53 am
I have a mobile home that was altered by mocing the hutch to the other side of the room and putting in patio doors to the outside deck. Is this going to cause problems getting a reverse mortgage and if so is there a way to get around it?
Posted on: 14th Sep, 2013 12:50 pm
Shouldn't be a problem, as long as the alterations were done professionally, with permits.
Posted on: 15th Sep, 2013 08:15 am
We own a 1988 14X76 mobile home on a corner lot. It is not on a foundation but it is paid off and we had an appraisal done and it came in at $104,000. Would it be possible to get a reversed mortgage? I am 62 and my husband is 76.
Posted on: 17th Sep, 2013 11:40 am
Hi Darlene,

Most of the times, reverse mortgage lenders are sceptical in giving reverse mortgages. It will depend upon the lender as to whether ir not he will give you a loan.

Posted on: 17th Sep, 2013 11:42 pm
I'm 61 own my mobilhome & land & can't get a loan on it. It as worth 40,000.But that isnt enough for anyone.
Posted on: 04th Oct, 2013 09:10 am
Hi jep,

Yes, it is difficult to get a loan for such a small amount. You should get in touch with the local personal loan lenders and check out if they can help you with a personal property loan.
Posted on: 06th Oct, 2013 11:01 pm
We have a modular home and we have underpinned with brick and the title has been retired. We bought this home built to our specifications in 2000 on placed on our land (3,95 acres). It was apprasied four years at one hundred thousand. We still owe 53,000 with 8 years to go on the mortgage with Bank of America.
Do you think we might be eligible?
Posted on: 14th Oct, 2013 03:35 pm
Hi Deedee,

I guess you want to refinance the loan. In that case, as you have equity in the property, you will be able to refinance the loan. However, you need to meet all the other income and credit criteria to get the refinance.

Posted on: 14th Oct, 2013 11:27 pm
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