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Hello everyone, currently reside in Florida in case the laws are different elsewhere.

I've recently gone through a divorce and part of the divorce agreement would be that my ex-wife's name be removed from the mortgage note so she has no further responsibility on it.

Looking at my options it seems that a qualifying assumption is my best bet.

I have a few questions.

Currently my loan is with BOA, my ex and I would like to sit down with a mortgage person and speak with them about the whole process, but BOA no longer has mortgage offices and all their support is over the phone.

Is it possible for another lender to do the process? Suntrust has actual mortgage offices and we'd like to sit with someone to answer any questions we may have, but not sure if another lender would even look at our situation.

I've been paying the mortgage on my own for the past 5 months since she moved out, will lenders take that into consideration when I'm applying for the loan? While I make decent money, I'm not sure I'd qualify for the amount of loan we originally qualified for together.

Refinancing the loan in my name only probably isn't an option as the house is no longer worth what we paid due to the housing crash. Probably close to 40k less than what we paid if not more. I do not have the extra income to come up with the difference either.

I'm just looking for any options I have and if anyone else has done an assumption after getting divorced.


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