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House went up for foreclose move out but did not sale

Posted on: 07th Aug, 2010 09:07 pm
In 2007 we file ch 13, after that we was not able to pay our mortgage so the house went into foreclose because lost of job we move out after the house went to sale. Find out 2009 that the house didn't sale on the foreclose. The city found me and ticket me to come to court , said my house was not up to code and said i was the owner of the house. What should i do it have been 3 years
Welcome Lori,

As the house was not sold off, your name is still mentioned as the owner of the property. Thus, you would be liable for paying the property taxes and other dues related to the property. The tax department can take you to court for the non-payment of the taxes. You need to contact your lender and ask him to sell off the property asap so that you can get rid of it.
Posted on: 08th Aug, 2010 11:43 pm
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