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How long to I have to vacate premises after auction?

Hello. I am in MD and we are losing our home to foreclosure. We have a place to go, and the bank is not willing to make any reasonable offers, so we are not trying to save the house. We found out today that the auction date is going to be Jan. 20th. The person I spoke to from the bank does not know if we have to be out of the house by the sale date or if we have another 30 days (which is what the bank was telling me before). Does anyone know if we need to be out by Jan. 2oth? We are in MD? Thanks so much!

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Hi CWagner

As far as I know, once the auction is complete and the new owner purchases the property, you will get a 3 day notice from the new owner and the lender. Within 3 days you will have to leave the property.


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