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1099a - chapter 7 discharge

Posted on: 17th Apr, 2012 09:35 pm
I received a 1099-A in the mail this year, but didn't give it any importance as I got a Chapter 7 discharge. My mom always does my taxes but can't do it this year as she doesn’t know how to do it after bankruptcy. We’ll take this to the H&R Block & hope we can sort this out. I asked my BK lawyer who said I should get a tax professional to take care of it. Does this mean I'm gonna have to pay taxes on $120k left over from the house? I expected this to follow us for 7 years at the least (we're in year 2) but will this ever end or does stuff keep popping up? Any advice before I go to H&R Block? Thanks in advance.
Hi Blossoms,

Your bankruptcy attorney is absolutely correct in saying that you should contact a tax professional in this regard. He will help you in knowing whether or not you will be liable for paying taxes.
Posted on: 18th Apr, 2012 07:35 pm
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