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E-Loan experience

Posted on: 09th Sep, 2006 06:29 pm
Does anyone have first hand experience with
E-Loan??? What are their fees and do they provide an honest quote. I have found a lot of internet companies give quotes using the current days rate. When you want to lock in the rate say for a 60 day closing the rate or the rate and fees change.
Is this so with eloan?

You can go to the About Us page of eloan and get their contact number from there. Then you can enquire them about the fees and rates.


Posted on: 09th Sep, 2006 08:30 pm
I had quite a good experience with Eloan. A few months ago, I along with my wife thought of talking a home equity line of credit for some improvements in our home.

A friend of mine suggested Eloan to be the biggest, so I submitted an online application. Believe me, the very next day I got an email from the company asking me to call them as I have mistyped our contact number and so they could not get hold of us. I called up Eloan and very quickly, we got a loan consultant to help us.

The lady was very helpful. She explained us all the details of the loan process. As we did not have an appraisal process, we had to do one. The lady arranged for everything and all I had to do was to have someone home on the day the appraiser was to arrive. This was the only part of the closing fees that we were to pay and it aw around $350.

Once the loan was approved, the paperwork was sent overnight and there was a local notary public who witnessed our signatures on the paperwork. The notary also took care of sending all documents to Eloan by email.

I was impressed by the services received from the company and was quite surprised that a big company like Eloan could offer such services one can expect from a home town bank.
Posted on: 11th Sep, 2006 04:08 am
Hi Doug,

I don't have personal experience with Eloan, but I can tell you that they are in business for about 10 years. I have heard of few people having problems with the loan process. from what I have heard recently, I feel that they have improved their loan process in the last couple of years.

Posted on: 11th Sep, 2006 04:30 am
I had a bad experience with eloan and as it was early in the process, so I just changed the lender company. They just keep you asking for more and more documentation. Even after sending them the HUD-1 statement, they asked for more and more proof as to from where I got my down payment.

I can never recommend eloan to anyone.
Posted on: 11th Sep, 2006 04:37 am
Agnes, I dont realize what these company will get out on doing this.

Everyone should try to work for all not for personal interest. We should stand and work as a force against these kind of companies.

Hope things will improve..
Posted on: 11th Sep, 2006 07:56 am
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