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Im in foreclosure and made my payments HELP

Posted on: 30th Dec, 2006 08:04 pm
I need help QUICK!! My mortgage loan was modified in July of this year and my new payments began in August. The offer in the letter was for one amount (P & I, plus escrow) but however, the letter that we signed and had notarized at the bank was for the P & I only, and that is the amount we have sent in each month, we pay own taxes and insurance. Well, they have thrown us into foreclosure saying that payments have not been made, when I have all copies from my bank showing cashed. What happened was they held my payments until they received the total payment (with escrow) so it looks as though I havent made all payments. They have a copy of my insurance and I dont know how many people told me that would adjust my payment but of course no one is in any hurry to do so and are now telling me that I can set up payments to \"repay\" what is owed until the cash department can look at my cancelled checks and research how this was posted (which could take up to 60 days). I can look online at my transaction history and see what has happened and see even where they are holding funds, but yet they will not do anything for me until they see the cancelled checks and \"research\" it, yet my house is selling in a little less than 2 weeks. What can I do?????? Mortgage is through Litton Loan. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME
Hi Dghenson,

Welcome to the forums.

I am surprised that the mortgage company is insisting on foreclosure even when they know that you have made payments. Even after showing the bank copies, I don't find any reason as to why the company is not believing you. I guess they are looking forward to take extra money from you.

Did you explain your problem to the cash department? They must be looking into the matter as it concerns your money. If they don't, then you should try to talk to the higher officials.

What the company is doing with you seems to be illegal. In case, you don't get any help from the bank, it's better to consult an attorney. That will at least help you save your home rather than allow the company to do a foreclosure sale which will affect your credit status.

Hope things turn out well for you.


Posted on: 31st Dec, 2006 06:30 am
did you check with a loss mitigation company? i have heard that they help people in foreclosure. you can just check out their services.
Posted on: 31st Dec, 2006 06:50 am
Hi Henson,

It appears that you are in a mess. Well, I don't think requesting the mortgage company will be of any help. Its better to talk to the bank instead. And, if they cannot assure you of quick help, then you may consult an attorney. He"ll be the right person to help you out.

Posted on: 31st Dec, 2006 09:02 pm
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