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8 years ago we purchased a home on a finished basement. 2 yeas ago we tried to [url=]refinance[/url] our home and our mortgage company all of a sudden realized our home was a manufactured home, how they missed that 8 years ago is beyond me. We went months trying to figure out where the VIN#'s were as we were told we needed them to find out if the title was surrendered or not. We never recieved a title when we purchased the home, so no title will be found in our name. The previous owner states she doesnt remember anything about a title, that her bank must have had it. We have even tried with another mortgage company and they said the same thing. between the 2 mortgage companies, we spent 15, months trying to refinance. We finally gave up only to be told that it didnt matter, that the tax assessment office considers our home to be a home on a finished basement. Now we put our house up for sale, have a buyer and we have found a new home and here we go again with the surrendering of the title. This is a 1990 home and has been on a finished basement the entire time. I have already tried PA DOT, of course nothing shows in our name as we never had a title. Does anyone have any idea what we can do?

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