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Where can I get a $4000 loan if I have bad credit? I have collateral to use.

I need a $4000 loan to keep my house out of foreclosure. I have a business with two buildings on it. The buildings are paid for free in clear. I have bad credit as a result of losing my job two years ago and some medical bills that I paid off. Do you know any banks that would loan me this money? I am working full time now and trying to catch up on my past due bills.

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Hi moore

Keeping in mind the present market situation, I don't think the banks will offer you money with a bad credit. Though you have a collateral to use, but the lenders will not agree to give you a loan because you already have one. However, you can try for a personal loan if possible but they are available at a very high rate.

You can also try to improve your credit. Check out some of the options to improve credit from the given link:


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