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moblie home loan

Posted on: 07th Aug, 2009 09:35 am
my single wide is pay off i have been out of bankrupt a year
need to get 4000.00 rto put windown in and fix the roof where can i start looking at a loan at my credit score is still in 560 ranch
hi patty,

with a credit score of 560, no lender would be ready to give you a loan. you should note that in order to get a fha loan, you would require a credit score of 620 whereas to get conventional loan, a minimum of 720-740 credit score is required.

you haven't mentioned the type of bankruptcy you've filed. if you filed for chapter 13 bankruptcy, then you would have to wait for a year to get fha loan and 2 years to get a conventional loan. if you've filed chapter 7 bankruptcy, then you need to wait for 2 years to get fha loan. for conventional loans, you'll have to wait till 4 years after discharge.
Posted on: 09th Aug, 2009 08:25 pm
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