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can you get a 30-year loan for a manufactured home?

Posted on: 05th Nov, 2009 08:44 am
i have a double wide manufactured home built in 2006 on a finished basement on 20 acres worth app. 245,000. i want to refinance my 10-year balloon mortgage to a 30-year fixed rate and combine a second mortgage. is this possible? my first mortgage is $165,784.00 at 4.9%. my second is actually a heloc of 28,000 and i wanted to consolidate a signature loan of 8,000 at 13% also. can i get a consolidation loan like this for a decent rate? my credit score is 690 and my husbands is 680.
There will be other things to consider like your total debt ratio, income etc., however you can refinance to a 30 yr fixed FHA which will most likely give you the best rate with 85% of the equity available. Conventional is a little more strict limited to 20 yr note and 65% loan to valueand rates are usually highert. Be happy to answer more questions if you have them.
Posted on: 05th Nov, 2009 11:51 am
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