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what would be the monthly payment?

Posted on: 02nd Sep, 2006 09:39 am
would a 80/20 loan mean it would have a high payment for example a 170,000 house with a 7% 1st loan and a 10.75% second around how much would the payment be?

The payments might be on a higher side but you do not have to pay any down payment.

This is what makes them more attractive.
Posted on: 02nd Sep, 2006 02:27 pm
Hi Guest,

You can calculate the payments using the FRM calculator (if it is fixed rate loan) in this site. I have used it earlier and got good results; it helped me keep aside good money for future payments.

Just enter your principal, rate and loan term in the FRM calculator, .
Posted on: 02nd Sep, 2006 11:42 pm
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