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Welcome to the Press Kit. Information on various mortgage related topics of importance as provided in our press releases is presented here. You can, if you wish, even view and print the individual press releases which you find while you go down this page.

  • Bankruptcy Risk Score - Determining Bankruptcy Risk and Delinquency March 17, 2006

    Other than the credit score which determines your creditworthiness as a whole, the bankruptcy score determines your chances of filing bankruptcy. It also analyzes the risk of any default in your loan payments.

  • Lucrative Aspects of Mortgage Products of the Day September 8, 2005

    The gainful aspects of today?s mortgage products have been discussed here. The object is to bring to light their advantages and suitability. Many an individual from some walk of life can get to know much and decide upon opting for any of these specialized mortgage types. One will be enlightened about how one can reap the maximum benefits from mortgage by treading on the right path and choosing the correct option.

  • Understand Credit Report's Relevance in Mortgage July 30, 2005

    The importance of credit report and credit score in determining whether a mortgage application will be approved or turned down is explained here. Various measures which can be taken to help improve the credit score have also been suggested. The special aspects and significance of credit report and credit score are focused upon. This will definitely help one form an idea about improving one?s loan prospects and progressing towards obtaining the desired mortgage.

  • Mortgage Suiting you best today July 4, 2005

    A discussion on the latest mortgage products offered in the U.S. market has been carried out here. An analysis of the comparative benefits and drawbacks of each product has also been done. The significance of the products in the industry has been brought out by this account. The object is to aid the bewildered mortgage seeker in taking a wise decision and going for a meaningful, profitable and smart deal keeping in mind all the pros and cons.

  • Look before you leap into the California mortgage industry June 6,2005

    The California mortgage industry often acts as a trendsetter for the U.S. mortgage industry. Real estate prices here are soaring while the interest rates are lying at a 40 year low. Hence, in this regard, several things need to be remembered and be careful about.

  • Bad Credit Mortgage: No More Fears April 1,2005

    The US mortgage industry adjusts to facilitate more and more citizens to have homes off their own. For this there are mortgages for those who are not credit worthy and are a potential risk to the lenders. Though priced very exorbitantly, they are reachable and affordable. The market too supports sub-prime bonds today.

  • Mortgage brokers feeling the heat March 30,2005

    From Australia the heat is catching on the mortgage brokers. Suddenly ,the bankers have realised that they are losing out on a lot of profits because of the brokers. On the other hand very few borrowers go directly to the bankers. It's the wide choice and extensive shopping which the borrowers will be bereft of if this trend is to continue and spread throughout the mortgage industry.

  • Homeowners' insurance: The mortgage connection March 8,2005

    A mortgage usually lasts for 20-30 years and nobody can guarantee that your house will remain safe for that time span! Natural calamities, thefts, accidents can destroy the house. Since your house is as important to your lender as you, he/she would insist that you take a homeowners' insurance to protect the equity value of your home from not falling.but its a safety valve for both you and your lender as you get paid for any damages and the lender too is compensated. Thus you know that at the end of the day your house value still remains fine.

  • Remortgage: A second opportunity knocking March 7,2005

    Are you having any problems with your lender? Do you think you can save a lot of money by locking in the current rates? Then remortgage is what you should look out for. You get a second chance to take a mortgage with better terms and conditions which fits your bill perfectly. With the last of the record low rates waiting to be locked in and the industry predicting a steady and inevitable rise, it is time to consider remortgage rather than refinance.

  • What you should look for in a Mortgage Broker? March 2, 2005

    Among the mortgage personae you can make a choice of, the most important is the mortgage broker. Though earlier this job profile was much maligned. Today the mortgage industry's success goes to the efficiency and wide contacts of brokers and the ability to originate and process loans. The consumers too find that they can get tailor made mortgage deals via mortgage brokers. Today they are the king makers in the mortgage arena!

  • Mortgage - Harvesting Time for Consumers February 22, 2005

    The mortgage rates are unexpectedly still down and the mortgage market is going great guns. This is to enumerate the different aspects of mortgage including refinance mortgage, reverse mortgage and remortgage. The solutions which mortgages offer towards purchasing your dream home and also consolidating your debts in the cheapest way.

  • Endowment policy and interest only loans February 18,2005

    Endowment mortgages are those in which interest only method is opted for and the part which goes into the principal repayment is invested in a savings account.
    This was touted to be a good plan as the savings account is expected to grow with time. But the fact is the market is not always on the upswing. And in volatile markets this has proved to be a loser.
    An insurance coupled with such mortgages in the name of endowment policy is the next best thing today after the popularity of the above declined slowly.
    Get to know more about the actual situation.

  • The Mortgage Market: an Analysis February 10, 2005

    What is in store for 2005?
    A study of the fund generation market. Most borrowers don't know where the lenders get so much money to pay them. They need to know the scenario in the mortgage industry and what the statistics say about the future. This is a study which would give you not only the present stats but also the decade long analysis of the mortgage market.

  • What is Escrow? February 9, 2005

    You don't have to run at year end to accumulate funds for paying annual taxes. An escrow account helps you deposit money every month and these are disbursed to the respective account when need arises. The escrow works for both the lender and the borrower equally and keeps the financial transaction running smoothly.

  • Mortgage applications: the trendFebruary 04, 2005

    The new year shows the year ahead. January showed a mixed response. This trend does not tell the complete story. The mortgage applications will slow down as the year moves on. Know more about what the housing and mortgage industry is in for this year.

  • The Secondary Mortgage Market in Totality Feb 4, 2005

    Did you know what happens to your loan after you take it? It travels full circle passing many hands and then it comes back to you. The secondary mortgage market is where your loans get sold to investors. Your loans help generate more funds. So, your loan is an integral part of this industry and it fuels its growth and in turn the economy as well.

  • Mortgage: for those twilight years January 27, 2005

    For every one of those salt and pepper strands on your head, you deserve to be self dependent. Reverse mortgages come as a boon. One of the few loan types which does not ask for income specifications yet gives you a monthly earning to carry on life as it was. Retirement from work does not mean retirement from the joys of life.

  • How can I build my home equity? January 25, 2005

    Home equity loans are having a sky rocketing market, but most people are ignorant of the importance of home equity. Once you have a house you should not forget it. You need to take care of it. In the long run this will be your help. The ways to cultivate your home equity are very simple. You will realize that what you give you get back in manifold amounts.

  • Mortgage: where is it leading to?January 21, 2005

    It is a jungle out there and the rules too. This is just an overview of which corner the mortgage scene is turning. The issues are many and they all amount to the abuse of a system which is saving the USA from a housing crisis. We are leading to a dot com bubble-like burst. This is a call for the need to pull up our socks.

  • Piggyback Mortgages: The whys and the hows?January 20, 2005

    Avoiding a payment is always welcome and a premium is all the more. Piggybacks come with a license to by pass PMI but you need to take care. You might even end up paying more then you would have if you had a PMI. So, before throwing in your line have one look at your bait.

  • Shared appreciation mortgage: why would you go for it? January 15, 2005

    When the interests are climbing how about a rate cut? All you need to do is lure your lender into a SAM. Play your cards with house appreciation as the trump card and you can win out the best interest rates out of the market. If you thought the market controls your mortgage, befriend SAM. Shared Appreciation Mortgage assures the lender of a portion of your appreciated house valus as well. Get out there and know SAM better!

  • Mortgage rates January 13, 2005

    What really happened to the mortgage rates in 2004 and why? The US of A underwent a stabilising phase and the economy is slowly picking up the threads. The 30 year fixed rates went in for a decade second lowest last year. This year the rates are expected to climb up but the housing

  • Assumable Mortgage: an option open January 5, 2005

    Now a mortgaged property can also sell faster. With the interest rates in the market rising, people are opting for old mortgaged properties which have been declared assumable. The old lower rates can be accessed and used by them. But the law is fast catching up for the lenders rights who are at a disadvantage here.

  • Blanket Mortgage: A Dream Package December 28, 2004

    This mortgage package envelopes a number of properties together. The co-operatives use this method. The liabilities are divided and it helps to make payments well. Even future projects can be financed using this mortgage.

  • Negative Amortization December 23, 2004

    Anything with a 'negative' tag seems repulsive. But negative amortization is one method which helps the debtor during troubled times. The regular payments are always a headache for the monthly budget. You can avoid part of it by this method. But there is no escaping the decreased amount.

  • Pre-Qualification? Know-How? December 17, 2004

    The initial process in any dealing is a qualification. Mortgage too involves this. The debtor needs to provide a guarantee that he will pay back the loan and in time with the interest. This needs to be testified. The prequalification is the official process with documentation.

  • Graduated Payment Mortgage December 14, 2004

    Money given out in parts is always soft on the pocket. Graduated payment Mortgage allows you to avoid a lump sum amount draining out. It helps you plan your budget properly and is a provision for cash strapped times.

  • Real Estate Appraisal December 13, 2004

    The value of any asset needs to be evaluated continuously, because the equity value changes with the market. And this needs a non partisan group to make the estimate that has no interests in the business. This appraisal needs a detailed check of the real estate according to the present rules and the market rates. You need to know what your asset is worth and whether your investment is really paying dividends.

  • Mortgage Amortization December 4, 2004

    When you borrow you have to return it as well. The same goes for mortgages, you have to add interest to the principal. The full repayment of this amount is termed mortgage amortization. This also involves the all clear sign. You are free from the regular payment expenses pinching your savings.

  • Tenancy? A Specification? November 30, 2004

    A word of mouth is not enough to certify that any property is yours. Tenancy is this property right which validates your claim. It is not necessary that only one person holds the rights and there are various kinds of tenancy. The understanding of property rights is not that easy.

  • No Cash Out Refinance ?An overview? November 25, 2004

    If the best rates are in town, you would buy it instantly. The point is check for the trends in the market. A no cash out refinance gives you the opportunity to settle other debts and yes zero down on the lowest interest rates.

  • Importance of Property Appraisal ? In Determining Loan Amount? November 18,

    You will never get a mountain if you pledge a grain of sand. The collateral worth needs to be estimated. You will never be able to borrow more than your home value. This appraisal helps the lender get a better idea about the property and make a value judgment of whether this bargain is for the better or for worse

  • Prerequisites While ''Qualifying For a Home Loan'' November 14, 2004

    Buying a home involves a huge cost and you won't compromise on the house of your dreams as well. A mortgage loan helps you with the finances but you must pass certain hurdles. For each lender and each loan type there are pre-requisites which need to be fulfilled, then only will the doors of the next process be opened. It judges your affordability of loan.

  • Need for Mortgage Underwriting November 4, 2004

    Getting a mortgage is not all that easy. Underwriting involves the evaluation of credit score and the collateral to be pledged. This gives the green light for your mortgage to be processed. This preliminary test is a grueling session for the debtor and involves a cost.

  • Mortgage Business? pros and cons? September 30, 2004

    Mortgage is big business in the United States. Like all other businesses, mortgage is also only 40% effort and 60% luck. You need the right people and the options they get. We can neither, manipulate people's discretion nor the inflation rights. The involuntary factors play a very important part. It is the index of this mortgage business success.

  • Reverse Mortgage ?An Additional Source of income for Senior Home owners?
    September 18, 2004

    Reverse mortgage is a life-stabilizing deal for those superannuated. They need make no compromises and live life as before. Though mortgaged, the fear factor is out. The only asset might be the mortgaged but the borrower does not have to pay anything. There is no personal liability for the borrower or their heirs. The income is non taxable and could be used for household purposes and to clear other debts. The life can carry on with fewer hassles.

  • Credit Scores a ?Discussion? Septmber 11, 2004

    Nobody closes one's eyes while giving you loans. What is the guarantee that it will be returned with interest. A credit score helps the lender assess the worth of the debtor and whether you can afford to repay the debt. This a total financial history prepared by the credit bureaus. Get it clean and this is your report card your passport to mortgage.

  • The impact of rates of interests in mortgage financing September 8, 2004

    The old songs need to be changed for good. It should be- 'rates they are a changing every day'. The economy is going through a downslide with globalization and the terrorism cleansing process taking a toll. The rates and their volatility is what matters while choosing any loan deal.

  • Refinancing Second Mortgage September 9, 2004

    The first choice is not always sufficient in case of mortgage. As time passes, expenses increase and it is time for another mortgage. The refinancing option of the second mortgage comes to your aid. The home equity is the trump card in this deal.

  • Benefits of Discount mortgage September 7, 2004

    A waive of any kind is always welcome and for first time buyers more so. Discount mortgage allows one to pay a certain less amount for a certain period of time. It is getting a lot of popularity with debtors. It allows a certain amount of flexibility to your mortgage.

  • An Appraisal of Good Faith Estimate August 24, 2004

    It is the goodwill of the lender which props him above the others. This good faith estimate is the closing costs involved and it is what draws in the debtors. The lender needs to weed out the fees so that he pools in better business.

  • Mortgage Financing September 4, 2004

    Buying a house is anybody's dream. Mortgage financing helps you get the cash to buy a house but the title of ownership of the collateral is transferred. The process does not end with buying a home; it involves settlement costs as well. Thus a financing option helps you through all of these. Dreams are dreams but affordability matters.

  • The Importance of Fixed Rate Mortgage August 20, 2004

    Anything fixed has associated with it a stability and security. Yet a fixed rate mortgage is not very popular with the debtors because change is life. In mortgage, interest keeps fluctuating and fixed rates don't allow you to take the immediate fortune.

  • A Discussion about ''Mortgage Interest Rates'' August 6, 2004

    A mortgage is not all about giving and taking. It involves a cost of providing you this service. The lender charges a rent for the loan as interest. It is expressed in the form of a percentage. This interest rate is of various kinds and the choice.

  • Commercial Mortgage ?An overview? July 28, 2004

    A mortgage by any other name will mean just the same - Very true for commercial mortgages. Business moves the world and; a mortgage for commercial purposes serves well but is highly risky. Land development needs a huge investment and the money flows best via mortgages.

  • ''Blended rate mortgage versus Blended payments'' July 21, 2004

    A house is the biggest asset for most. These blends in mortgage will help you finance your home and get you the best on offer. But you must remember that blended rate is for home financing blended payment is for repayment.

  • An Approach To ''Cash Back Mortgage'' July 14, 2004

    Feeling crisp green backs has always been alluring. Some mortgages give you this option of a cash payment. You don't have to use those checks and cards to get money out. It allows the freedom to get ready cash for instant use.

  • Understanding Deeds July 7, 2004

    Deeds would never have been this difficult if taken literally. They are legal security documents. They have many names and come in various forms. But they are all important just the same. Mortgage deeds need to be studied before signing. That's important.

  • Adjustable rate mortgage ''An Info'' June 30, 2004

    If only every thing in life came with the adjustable tag! Mortgage loans provide you with this option with a few exceptions. If you thought this type of rate was all good then think again. It is based on the economy flow. The rhythm is coordinated and you need to predict where the curve is going.

  • ''mortgage loan'' June 23, 2004

    With Americans wanting more everyday, the number of loan types keeps increasing. They are being tailor made to suit all needs. The simple technique is look for flaws in an existing loan and renovate it with added benefits and you fashion out a new loan. You need to know about each in detail before applying for any.

  • Remortgage in a nutshell June 16, 2004

    Not everyone is lucky to get the best deals at the first go. The second stroke of luck comes with remortgaging. This helps one save money too. It helps one raise additional capital for personal needs. Your old lender could give you competitive rates but you must surf the market for rates and compare. Then only must the decision be made.

  • Mortgage fundamentals June 9, 2004

    Mortgage is one term which had been relegated to hushes. Today it is out in the open. About one in every 4 Americans has a mortgage. It is the best and cheapest option to get finance. All you need is a property to pledge as collateral. It is a way to defrost the home equity.

  • Why pay points? June 4, 2004

    Paying points have always been a -'should I-should I not' situation. First get this clear, the points are nothing but discount points. It depends on the person's discretion; you may or may not pay it. It does help in lowering interest rates. But there are other factors as well.

  • Closing costs ? confusing and disturbing May 26, 2004

    When you always dreamt about the day your debt is closed, there was joy. But the innumerable costs involved have put debtors into a dilemma. The costs vary with the loan types and also the state you reside in. The best that you can do is asking the lender beforehand about the details and get the concepts clear as water.

  • Problem in paying your loan - Solutions to it May 19, 2004

    Loans need to be paid back anyway. But you don't need to go bankrupt for doing the same. Every problem has a solution, only you need to look for it. Work out your means, talk to your lender. There are ways to avoid a foreclosure, ask for the provisions and you will get the one apt for you.

  • Reverse Mortgage-Another powerful financial instrument May 13, 2004

    Retirement from work does not mean retirement from life and Reverse Mortgage promises this. Available to senior citizens alone it does not have an income limitation. Even no-income borrowers can take this mortgage. This is what assists the retired who have only a house asset. It helps to set up the asset to be paid as an annuity and use it as an income resource.

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