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I don’t understand how the bank can change the loan agreement without my consent: the house was granted to my ex in the divorce and a quick claim deed was completed. My ex didn’t [url=]refinance[/url] the home to get my name off, so my name is still on the mortgage. Some how he was able to re-modify change the loan terms and payment without my signature or consent: Can this be do thru the new Obama loans? I tried to get a copy of paper work and the bank stated that only one copy would be sent to property address and I would have to contact him for the information.

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I was also a party of a loan so that a family member could buy a home, and found out they did not pay for 24 months by running a credit report. The bank modified the loan payment and terms to 50 years without why approval. When I requested the documents, they sent them to me with only the other 2 parties signatures. When contacting the bank they stated they did not need my approval but am still responsible. Does anyone know what options I have as honestly I would have preferred to take the hit and not be responsible for 50 years. I made a mistake in 2005 and believed the mortgage company when the rep told me that my name would only be on the loan for 6 months and then she would remove it. I should have discussed it with multiple people prior, but can not go back into the past.

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Hi Charwoo!

Welcome to forums!

Your name won't be removed from the mortgage deed unless the other parties [url=]refinance[/url] the loan in their name. You can ask your concerned family members to refinance the loan in their name in order to remove you from the loan.

Feel free to ask if you've further queries.


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