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what to do?

Posted on: 21st Apr, 2010 08:54 am
First off, I am 57 year old widower. I receive social security b/c I was medically disabled this past year. I want to buy a small home with 4.5 acres. It's priced at 60k. I currently live in a trailer that is paid for. The only bills I have total $150.00 a month. Also, I am a co-signer on my daughter's car. My credit score has a few things on it. However, I paid them off today. Credit score was a bit low. I'm confused b/c my debit to income ratio was considered to be too high, and the credit union turned me down for the loan. I could have easily made the payments. Like I said I have a mobile home that's paid for and two 401k that total 130k. I don't want to pull them out. However, I feel like this may be my only option. Is there any hope?
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Posted on: 21st Apr, 2010 09:21 am
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