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eagle nationwide

Posted on: 05th Jan, 2011 12:25 pm
i recently did a fha streamline refinance with eagle. it was not a good experience. my rep was mike balzano. there was one issue after another. they continued to need more and more info which i supplied everytime in a very timely manner. for example it took the title department over a month to get a clear title. this is not the first time i have refinanced and have never had any problems in the past. i started the process on august 7th and we closed the loan on dec. 23rd! every month i had to pay late fees because they would tell me to hold off on paying my mortgage and also had to pay 300.00 because of an escrow shortage. mr. balzano told me that after closing i would receive a check for $500.00 for reimbursement. now that the loan has closed he says he ended up having to pay cash out of his own pocket to close my loan so i will not be getting the reimbusement check. i am very dissappointed with the service i recieved and just wondering if there is anything i can do to get reimbursed for atleast some of the money i am out.

christy adkins
Hi christy!

Welcome to forums!

Thank you for sharing your experience with Eagle in the community. You should contact the senior authorities at Eagle and check out if they can help you in getting back the reimbursement.

Feel free to ask if you've further queries.

Posted on: 05th Jan, 2011 07:01 pm
Hi christy m adkins,

Welcome to Mortgage fit,

I suppose that promise was made in a verbal manner.So there is no point in fighting against them in consumer court.Apart from this you may send an email to any senior (In my opinion you should send to many) officers in the organization.Even if you don't get any answer from them tell them that you have already put this issue in the forum.(send them the link) and surely they will pay you ransom amount to prevent any wrong perception about the company in the eyes of customers.

Feel free to ask any further query if you have...

Posted on: 18th Apr, 2011 06:18 am
Christy, I doubt frankly that there's going to be any "ransom" as Dipa stated, and I suspect that you're out that $500, which is a shame.

No loan officer anywhere ought to have such a lack of sense as to suggest you not make your payment on the existing mortgage. That's an outrage...but frankly, I have to question your judgment on believing him after the first episode in which you had to pay a late charge.

He was dead wrong on that point, and he may have simply tried to use a smokescreen with that promise of $500 back to you.

We've seen other diatribes against Eagle in the past. I guess some of these outfits don't learn about customer service until it's far too late.

Go ahead and write your letter - don't threaten (and I don't know what good the link would do, but hey...), and simply state your situation and the promise made. You never know unless you try.
Posted on: 18th Apr, 2011 08:29 pm
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