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Has anyone successfully been through the final review for their loan modification? If so, what is the process? We've been working on this for a year and I don't want any surprises.

We are on a three month trial forbearance, have made two of the three payments (sending the payment "priority mail" just to be sure) and realized that our credit has taken 175 point drop. (We were 60 days late prior to the trial, but apparently our credit is getting hit every month we make the reduced trial payment. Does this get cleared up in the end?

We contacted WF for six months before we were late, sent hardship letter, etc... that we were going to run into trouble - they didn't respond until we were at the end of our rope. We had very high credit in the low 800's that's now in the low 600's. Unbelievable.

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To all the people in this post I can tell you from first hand knowledge that Wells Fargo aren't going to do a damn thing other than foreclose on you and that's the honest truth. Save your money and file a suit agains' t your lender because after they drain your money on their wild goose chase they will use it to file suit again'st you. Stop letting these corporations get away with fraud and theft.

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Hi mo,

I guess you have been through the whole situation! I can understand your situation and can feel what you're going through. Thanks a lot for sharing your opinion in our community. This will help others take the right decision in this regard.

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