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Can I discharge a student loan that is over 20 years old

Posted on: 22nd Mar, 2009 04:49 pm
I Have student loans that are approximately 20 years old and I cannot financially pay these. I am filing a ch. 7 anyway, but are these dischargeble?
Hi lyntoms,

As far as I know, student loans cannot be discharged through bankruptcy. However, I would suggest you to contact your bankruptcy attorney and take his opinion on this issue.

Posted on: 22nd Mar, 2009 08:31 pm
are there any means to have these matters resolved? we have objected to these insidious events whereas we have asked the dept of education to provide us with the fronts/backs of alleged checks paid us it refuses saying it doesnt have to whereas we had our tuition paid with these checks and the univ doesnt have to account for the alleged applications of these monies to tuition,fees,etc. a registrar had stated that we were not in school at the time of the alleged loans a matter concealed by the dept of education and the univ for almost 40 years we have had some 15 deferrments over these many years we filed a ch 7 but while the court discharged all alleged deb ts this one for education was alleged to need an adversarial proceeding educ did not appear or contest the discharge process yet continues to demand monies in fact the educt bills people and the collectors they sicced on us also bills us i e we are being double billed with two separate bills ie educ bills us for 2k and the collection agency bills us for 4k this has been occurring with the enumerable collectors and billings edu harasses us with we believe that at minimum we should be provided the fronts and backs of the alleged checks to compare verify any signatures plus we werent in school at the time according to the registrar yet educ sics collectors on us with double billings and threats to capture any treasury payments material to tose checks educ says in effect stick it in your ear you used those checks to pay tuition,fees,etc.,yet we have no recall of being in school at those times and certainly do not remember receiving those alleged loan checks whereas we have b een provided no proofs of those alleged checks because educ says it doesnt have to provide any such proofs this has been going on now for almost 40 years with harassingletters collectors some 25 different agencies by now and educ wont provide fronts and backs of those checks saying again the univ applied same to fees, etc and those check records are not available therefore further educ cannot reduce us to further poverty whereas we already live below the fpl any means you suggest we apply?
Posted on: 30th Dec, 2012 09:34 pm
Hi johny!

Welcome to forums!

You're in a tough situation. It will be better if you could get in touch with an attorney and discuss your situation. The attorney will let you know what actions/steps can be taken in this regard.

Feel free to ask if you've further queries.

Posted on: 31st Dec, 2012 11:03 pm
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