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Transferring title on a mobile home with an outstanding loan

My father purchased a mobile with cash and then took out a secured loan on the home. After he passed away in 2005 my mother continued payment on the loan. Now she is getting old herself and wishes to transfer the title of the mobile home to me, her son, as I have lived here since my fathers death caring for her and the home. Unfortunately I have bad credit and would have difficulty securing a loan to pay-off what she owes. She contends that she will continue to make the payments, but wants to proceed with the title transfer.
How could this be accompolished within the law in Ohio?

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Hi John,

Is the property presently in your mother's name? If yes, then your mother can sign a [url=]quit claim deed[/url] and transfer the property to you. However, once the property transfer is complete, you will have to inform the lender who may ask you to refinance the loan. In my opinion, your mother can draft a will wherein your name will be mentioned as the heir to the property. After her death, you can probate the property and transfer it in your name. Meanwhile, you can improve your credit so that you can [url=]refinance[/url] the loan in your name.

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